43.09 Securing the Bait

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43.09 Securing the Bait

Post by shoeless.db » Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:41 pm

"Thanks for stopping by on quick notice, Javier. I didn't want to have this discussion at the ballpark office," Shoeless opened the door to his small, efficiency apartment for his Assistant General Manager, Javier Valentin. "You thirsty?"

"Ah, sure. Do you have Vodak? I'd love a Vodak sour."

"Pabst it is, then, since that's all I've got."

"Um, ok," Valentine looked around the apartment as Shoeless grabbed a couple beers from a small dorm fridge. Valentin had been on the job for several months, but this was the first time he had visited Shoeless at his home. The place was barren aside from a few accommodations -- a bed, a dusty-brown recliner, a small kitchenette area, and an over-sized pet bed. The place felt too clean to Valentin, especially for a cheap apartment in a shady part of downtown. "You live here? Can I ask, why?"

Shoeless glanced around his place as he handed Valentin a beer. "I don't like getting too comfortable in places anymore. I learned that lesson back in Mumbai. I bought a nice little bit of land far outside the city when I landed the GM job there. I planned to build me a nice house and live out my days chasing 20-year-old Bollywood girls, but, you know, California came calling. I'm too superstitious to think about getting settled again. I don't trust the baseball gods, and I kind of like it here."

Valentin shrugged his shoulders, "So, what did you want to discuss?"

"Well, I received a phone call from my ... a baseball professional out of Portland. She wanted to inquire about a trade for our new second round draft pick -- the kid with six fingers. Anyway, you scouted the kid. Tell me about his background. What's he like?"

"I don't understand. I gave you the scouting report. He's a lanky right-hander with a ton of pitches. He'll need some peppering with our pitching coaches to have a chance of contributing in the Brewster. He shows leadership qualities in the clubhouse ..."

"Yeah, tell me more about the leadership stuff. Is he a good-looking kid?"

"I don't see why that matters in a dugout full of ..."

"I remember he's from San Diego, right? Is he a surfer-type guy? Is he popular with the ladies?"

Valentin grimaced, not understanding the line of questioning. "I don't see why that ..."

"Damn it, Javier. I don't give a shit about his abilities on the field right now. That's the reason we're having this conversation here," Shoeless shook his head and took a big sip of his beer. "Just tell me if you think he's got any brains up in that head of his and if girls would find him attractive."

"I don't understand, but ... I guess, he does, sure."

"You guess? You guess he's got brains or you guess girls want to fuck him?"

"I think, both."

Shoeless relaxed. "Perfect. When he signs, I want it to be in person. I want to have a little talk with him."

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Re: 43.09 Securing the Bait

Post by 7teen » Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:55 am

-- Kate Fiscus
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