Crusaders News! 2036.8 - Off to a Good Start!

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Crusaders News! 2036.8 - Off to a Good Start!

Post by Ted » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:32 pm

Here We Come, April!
April 8th, 2036
Offen Sichtlich der Kunstgriff

Crusaders fans! I'll have to admit I still retain a bit of trepidation, specifically regarding the commencement of the season. Apparently however, we have embarked on another promising Crusade! Four victories against two setbacks. Why, only the most rapacious of Crusaders aficionados would dare to covet a superior outcome. I .. .. I can't do this. Friends, I have confess, Offie has been a bit worried. You see, I read a review of my blogging. It was called, juvenile, childish ... I quote, "Offen Sichtlich der Kunstgriff writes with both the enthusiasm, and eloquence of a middle schooler. His unsophisticated prattling grates on the senses and belies a startling lack of any sort of sophisticated awareness of the Brewster Baseball Association as a whole. While I'm sure he has a devoted fan base, I for one would not be in any way proud of the sort of rabid mob that laps up this unmitigated garbage."

..... I .... I try so hard! I mean, I know that Offie is not the most eloquent person around. Also, I guess I have a following! Neat! Thanks Crusaders fans! To be honest, Maddie mentioned something or other. I've just been telling you about the team I love, but she said I should get more organized or something. I didn't really care, but she said she'd take care of it. I thought I'd try to sound more sophisticated, but ugh. Did you read that ... um ...poop? It's just not Offie.

AAAANywho. Okay, so Luis Gracia is off to a good start. That's big. Sixteen strikeouts in eleven innings. Well, I suppose eleven innings over two starts is not the best. But sixteen strikeouts!!! He's on pace for 288, and 11.3 WAR. I .. I know that's ridiculous, but this is my favorite time of years for those kinds of things. I love ridiculous projections. Esteban Cuervo is on pace for 81 homers and 216 RBI! He was player of the week! The new era of Crusaders baseball continues. Before last year, we'd have like one offensive player of the week in 10 years! Maybe none!

Okay. So a Good Start it is. I'll be back next week with my "juvenile" and "enthusiastic" update. Oh! Also we'll have a neat feature. Each week I'll talk to a member of last year's championship team! I don't want to spoil who's up this week, but I can't even keep it together thinking about it!
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