2058.22 Making Things Right with Klooster

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2058.22 Making Things Right with Klooster

Post by Trebro » Sat Apr 13, 2024 5:08 pm

Making Things Right with Klooster

June 17, 2058

GM Rob McMonigal sat in his office, staring at the phone. The team was yet again sucking and he still hadn't heard anything from the mysterious source that may be the key to returning to form.

Maybe it's just a karma thing.

That's why he was so desperate for the phone to ring. He had to make up for one of the huge mistakes made by Xi-tong Su-Tu, his former Assistant General Manager who had lied repeatedly to him about his past career, relationship with face of the franchise Dong-Po Thum, and many other activities.

Suddenly, the phone started ringing. McMonigal nearly fell out of his seat but he'd had it custom made to prevent this after several accidents.

He looked over and saw on the caller ID: Klooster

"Here goes nothing," McMonigal said, and answered. "Hello, this is Rob."

"It's Klooster. why the hell do you keep calling me?"

"Because we screwed up."

"You damn well did. I'm a nearly 20 year veteran and you treated me worse than a rookie with no hope of getting out of A ball. what the hell is wrong with you?"

"I made a mistake. several of them actually. I can't go back and fix them but I can make things right."

"Like how? Offering me a job?"


The line went silent.

"Look, I'm not ready to coach and if I were it sure wouldn't be for you."

"I'm not asking you to coach. I want you back in the game."

The line went silent. McMonigal thought Klooster had hung up.

" After all this, don't even joke about it. that's why you've been calling?"


"Direct to the Nine? "

" No. let's do a tune up in Indianapolis first. But I guarantee I'll get you on the roster by September 1st at the latest so you can go out feet first and not on your back."

"If you're lying to me..."

"I swear I'm not."

"We have a deal. Send over the contract."

The line went dead. For real this time. McMonigal let out a sigh of relief. It wasn't enough but it would help. And maybe help the team, too. Now if only he'd get a response to his other messages. But that didn't look like it was coming anytime soon.
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