2054.5: Reinforcements?

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2054.5: Reinforcements?

Post by Rubaboo » Sun May 07, 2023 3:40 pm

The Aztecs have been firmly entrenched in a very successful streak. The record and performances that the franchise has been putting out over the last handful of years are among the best in the BBA and are certainly the best in franchise history. The mix of homegrown and imported talent has had the desired effect of pushing the Aztecs on the shortlist for the best teams in the league.

One side effect, and the major challenge, of sustained success is keeping it rolling. Players start as inexpensive rookies but quickly become expensive vets or, hopefully anyway, highly paid superstars. Teams that want to maintain high levels of performance have to figure out how to decide which players to sign, which to move on from, and how to break in replacement talent to keep the wheel spinning.

We've been in a bit of a prospect sparse time in our league, but that doesn't mean there's still not talent to be had for GMs who know how to find it. The Aztecs have reached a pivotal point in their current cycle. The team has been at (or, perhaps slightly above [allegedly]) the league's salary cap for the last several seasons, making maneuvering somewhat difficult. There has been plenty of money available for signings that fit and for bringing in talent via trade, but that's not a sustainable formula. The farm, via the draft and IFA, is the real path to long-term success in the BBA. The Aztecs will need a few farmhands to fill holes on the roster and have a few guys who will be contributing in the near future. Let's have a likely look at the talent that should percolate up to the BBA roster in the next handful of months:

RP Jack Abrams
Abrams spent the entirety of the 2054 season at the AAA level in Cabo. Word around the organization was that if the team had had space available in September, he would have been on the big league roster. He almost certainly will be in 2055. IF would take something unexpected to keep him off the opening day roster in '55.

Ok, so reinforcement. No S. Abrams looks like he might be the only guy who be likely to have an impact on the roster in 2055. There are a few guys who, with a productive offseason, could be a factor during the second half of the season or during 2056:

P Melvin Bork - What a name on this guy. Also, his stuff is off the charts. He's bumped from 9/2/3 as a 7th round draft pick in 2049 to 15/5/5 as a 22 year old. The lefty also brings a large assortment of pitches to the table. His ceiling could be VERY high if he can get a little movement to develop on his pitches. Bork will almost certainly get the ball for the first game of spring training but, after struggling a bit in AAA this last season, will need to show some dramatic improvement before opening day to make a roster that has the aspirations that this team has.

OF Jonathan O'Quinn - O'Quinn is another bumper. His power upside has gone up significantly in the last 10 months and he now looks like he might have a big league future. Corner Outfield is always a crowded spot but O'Quinn is only 20 and is looking ready to go. Another ST call-up for sure, look for O'Quinn to be in consideration for a spot starting in '56.

The Aztec roster will need some patching this offseason if the team from Mexico City wants to keep competing at the level they have established. Abrams will help, but it remains apparent that the mercenary ball this franchise has taken to playing will continue to be a necessity. Expect Mexico City to be active once again in FA or in the offseason trade market.
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