2046.2: Aztecs Bring on Brewington

GM: Fred Holmes

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2046.2: Aztecs Bring on Brewington

Post by Rubaboo » Thu Feb 11, 2021 9:25 am

Just hours after the Yellow Springs Nine were again dumped unceremoniously dumped from a Landis Memorial Series, Nine manager Sam Brewington walked out of the clubhouse and found himself without a position on a BBA managerial team for the first time since 2036, his last season with Yellow Springs' AA affiliate in Santa Cruz.

"It had been a rough season. We knew we were a good team but the whispers were there. They turned into a hum of angry voices after we lost the first two at home. It turned into a deafening cacophony after we lost in 5. Again." Brewington was questioned publicly by Yellow Springs management throughout the championship series, and as a lame duck manager the writing was on the wall. Or, more likely, it was spray painted on the wall in giant letters: win or get out. The Nine lost, as they tend to do, and Brewington was shoved out.

"I think my phone rang before I got to the car after the game, international calling code. I thought it was junk, so I silenced it. Then, the next morning it rang again. I still ignored it. Then, my agent called and asked why I was ignoring calls from the Aztecs."

It didn't take long for the Mexico City front office to decide that Brewington was their guy.

"We were caught off guard by Donald Bergeron retiring," said Aztec GM Fred Holmes, "We didn't expect to be in the market for a new big league manager, but after Donald talked to me at the end of the season we zeroed in on Sam pretty quickly as our frontrunner."

The Nine have become the class of the BBA over the last decade, minus the elusive Landis. They've won the most games, they have the best players, the rich just seem to get richer.

"They're a very well managed franchise with a winning culture. They just reek of success. We knew we needed to get a piece of that."

Enter Brewington. His careeer with the Nine as a hitting coach and manager speak for themselves. 9 seasons, 922 wins, 7 division titles, 8 playoff berths, a pair of Landis appearances. But also, countless unfathomable playoff disappointments. Questions about player management in the playoffs. Whispers of a curse that get louder with each passing season. The Aztec GM, for one, seems to be a non-believer.

"Curse? What curse? A curse of winning 100 games every year? A curse of having a winning culture? A curse of being one of the 'vs. the field' bets in the preseason? I think that every GM in the league would be more than happy to take on that curse."

Time will tell. A more superstitious person might question bringing in a manger with ties to a potential curse to a franchise located in an area so strongly connected to its ancient deities. You can count Brewington among the unconcerned as well:

"I'm just ready to get started. It was time to leave Yellow Springs, but I've still got plenty in the tank. Time to prove them wrong.
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Re: 2046.2: Aztecs Bring on Brewington

Post by Dington » Thu Feb 11, 2021 9:38 am

Good luck. We shall see if the curse is on Sam or Ron.
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Re: 2046.2: Aztecs Bring on Brewington

Post by CTBrewCrew » Sat Mar 20, 2021 8:54 pm

He's the shottenhimer of the bba

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Re: 2046.2: Aztecs Bring on Brewington

Post by HerbD » Mon Mar 22, 2021 5:24 am

I'd take a curse like that any time
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