2042.6: Rocha's Future

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2042.6: Rocha's Future

Post by Rubaboo » Sun May 24, 2020 9:06 pm

Pedro Rocha was a golden boy at the end of 2041. 5.7 WAR, 147 OPS+, Nebraska Finalist. Rocha's expiring deal was causing no one consternation because a new deal was going to get done. It was obvious. You keep your best players. Fast forward to the end of 2042. Rocha has spent time on the DL and had arguably his worst season as a pro. The player and team were never close during the sparse negotiations that occurred and, as his time with the team seemingly ticks down, Rocha seems to be borderline unwanted in Mexico City.

Rocha, who will turn 31 shortly after opening day next season, has been dead set on a 6 year deal in the $16-$20M range. Reports indicated that that price tag scared off a few suitors when the team had discussions about moving Rocha at the deadline. That financial figure certainly doesn't fit into the teams' plan going forward, as there are several in-house options to replace Rocha's spot in the rotation if he decides to keep his current demand and test the FA market. If he does go to FA, he will surely be among the hottest SP commodities but will he find a suitor anywhere in the neighborhood of that figure? Recent results indicate that there's a chance, if a deal signed by Julio Alicea last season is any indication. The SP market is looking sparse, so Rocha has a chance to be the only girl left in the bar a closing time, but a guess would be that there will need to be a compromise that he has thus far been unwilling to make.

If, as expected, the Aztecs don't meed Rocha's asking price and he is unwilling to compromise, who will take his spot in the 2043 rotation? A full season from AJ Mahoney would certainly be the team's preference. Another alternative is Bob Glenn who had a strong 2042 in the pen and may have earned a shot to prove himself in the rotation. The team is in a pretty strong position from a pitching standpoint and doesn't have to deal with a key player coming off one of his worst seasons at 30 having them over a barrel. As is usually the case, someone will be desperate for Rocha but it won't be the Aztecs.
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Re: 2042.6: Rocha's Future

Post by DugoutDesperado » Tue May 26, 2020 6:22 am

Hard to go with a 6 year/$15M+ deal for a pitcher in his 30's for sure.

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