3 Wolves Den - 2051.02 - No rest for the weary

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3 Wolves Den - 2051.02 - No rest for the weary

Post by CTBrewCrew » Tue May 17, 2022 8:52 pm


November 4th, 2050 - As the stoves are starting to heat up even before the annual owners meeting in Florida the Wolves brain trust has been hard at work looking to sign some young pieces to this team to allow them to free up some contract space for the upcoming free agent period.

Everyone luuuuuuuvs arbitration time in this league <eye-roll> GM Simon said. If we can head look to negotiate with some of our younger key pieces for a set price, this helps us going into the free agent period.

We re-signed a handful or arb eligible guys to some one year deals to save us some scratch.


SP - Carter Morris - Drafted in R1 P10 of the 2045 draft Carter has worked his way up to the BBA becoming a solid contributor to this staff. He has logged over 120 innings (181.2) in 2050 as part of the rotation. A real solid mid-rotation #2 #3 starter for us. He went 2-2 over 26 innings in their playoff run in 2049.

SP - Leonard Thorton - Drafted in R3 of the 2043 draft, Thorton has taken a bit longer to get his shot in the Brewster, but he's made the most of it. Thornton has been another guy we can roll-out there every 5 days and he puts in the work. Averaging over 150 innings in his big-league career. Another good #2 / #3 rotational type of guy.

RP - Todd Stone - At age 25 he is arguable part of the best one-two bullpen punch in the Brewster today. Drafted in R1 11th overall in the 2046 draft. He has lived up to the billing GM Simon said. He's got the hardware to prove it. Posting 17 pWar over that span!

RP - Senen Subandrio - The 24yo taking in the 1st round of the 2047 draft fast tracked his way through the farm system to join his roomie (Stone) as the best one-two punch in the BBA today. Still he needs to something about that 'stash trainer Hutchins said. Jesus, my cat can lick off that dead catapiller on his upper lip.

LF - Luis Alonzo - The lone fielder on this list, (and the only scouting discovery), Alonzo took over full-time duties in LF for the departed Andrew Torres who left for Phoenix in FA last year. He did well for his first full time season at the position, posting a solid 5.5 ZR in left. He will need to start to put up some better offensive numbers this year, or he might start to get pressured by some young-in's in the Wolves farm system.


....Stay tuned the offseason is just heating up!

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