From Mumbai to Madison: Wolves Sign Bruner as New Manager (2040.1)

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From Mumbai to Madison: Wolves Sign Bruner as New Manager (2040.1)

Post by ThePreyingManta » Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:54 pm

It came as little surprise to those in the know when Madison announced the signing of Mark Bruner as the team's new manager. Bruner is fresh off of a 2-year stint in the UMEBA with Mumbai. In his second year with the Metro Stars, new Wolves GM Will Gibson was named GM of the Metro Stars, and the duo quickly formed a close working relationship. That relationship would lead the Metro Stars all the way to a UMEBA championship, including a tight series against Bucharest where Bruner really showed off his managerial skills. Previously Bruner was the manager for the Mexico City Aztecs for 3 seasons, leading the club to the postseason in each one.

When asked about the decision to bring Bruner back to the BBA, Gibson gave a story about just how his interaction with Bruner went down:

"Well, following the UMEBA Championship, Mark immediately disappeared after we got off the plane in Mumbai. Some said that he got drunk out of his mind at the party the fans had for us, and others said he had gone up into the Himalayas to meditate. This isn't really anything out of the ordinary for Mark. He disappears every now and then, that's why they call him "Ghost." But anyway, on my flight back into the US for my interview with Madison, I spotted a guy just across the aisle who kinda looked like Mark, but I wasn't too sure. He slept the entire flight, never getting up or saying anything even once! But I was keeping an eye on him the whole time, and I was almost sure it was him. As we got off the plane, I tried to call his name but he never turned around. I went to grab his shoulder, and he spun around and punched me right in the face. He never apologized for the punch, but he realized who I was and asked me what I wanted. It was obvious that he was wearing some kind of disguise. I have no idea why Mark Bruner, a manager in the UMEBA, thought people would actually recognize him, but he can be a little paranoid at times. So we sat in the terminal at the airport and talked for a little while. I asked if he had given any thought to returning the BBA, and he acted like he was interested but really just wanted to leave. So we went our separate ways.

"The day that I was named the new GM for Madison I gave him a call to see if he would be my manager. No answer. I left voicemails, texts, I tried to email him, never heard anything back. Then yesterday I get back to my hotel room (I haven't found a house here yet) and Mark is inside my room! I don't know how he got there, but I guess that's just what the Ghost does. He told me he would take my offer, left his contract demands in a manila folder, and walked out. We signed a contract with his agent just a few hours later. I still haven't seen him today, and I doubt he'll show up to any press conferences soon, but I'm really excited to have him here. The man can absolutely manage a baseball team, even if he's the strangest person I've ever met."

And so begins the Bruner Era in Madison. The Wolves agreed to a 5 year, $6.24 million contract with Bruner. Bruner is getting up there in age, so this may be his last hurrah in the BBA. Hopefully the Wolves can have some memorable seasons with the Ghost at the helm, but it is certain that there will be some interesting stories.
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Re: From Mumbai to Madison: Wolves Sign Bruner as New Manager (2040.1)

Post by RonCo » Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:53 pm

Bring the guy you won with.
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Re: From Mumbai to Madison: Wolves Sign Bruner as New Manager (2040.1)

Post by 7teen » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:39 pm

RonCo wrote:
Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:53 pm
Bring the guy you won with.
So cliche. Haha
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