Sox Scoops 44.058: Sox Takes, Week 10: The "Yellow Springs Again?!?" Edition

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Sox Scoops 44.058: Sox Takes, Week 10: The "Yellow Springs Again?!?" Edition

Post by HoosierVic » Mon Sep 28, 2020 3:16 pm

Week 10, June 2-8

Last Week’s Results

6/2: Portland Lumberjacks @ Chicago Black Sox - Loss, 7-5.
Lumberjacks Take Down Black Sox, 7-5
W: V. Venalde (2-3) L: F. Salgado (1-2) S: E. Reyes (1).
HR - POR: N. Schipper (3), M. Martínez (9) CHI: R. Wattson (12)

6/3: Chicago Black Sox @ Twin Cities River Monsters - Win, 5-4.
Black Sox Take Down River Monsters, 5-4
W: G. Sosa (2-2) L: R. Lothbrok (1-4) .
HR - CHI: D. Dave (16), R. Wattson (13) TWC: J. Calderón (12), O. Heijnen (11)

6/4: Chicago Black Sox @ Twin Cities River Monsters - Win, 6-3.
River Monsters Suffer 6-3 Home Loss
W: P. Germán (6-4) L: T. Ando (3-8) S: G. Cordero (1).
HR - CHI: A. Budding (13) TWC: I. Chikafuji (1), O. Heijnen (12)

6/5: Chicago Black Sox @ Twin Cities River Monsters - Loss, 6-8.
River Monsters Prevail, 8-6, Over Chicago
W: J. Pérez (1-2) L: I. Kocher (0-1) S: J. Cerda (13).
HR - CHI: D. Dave (17), J. Ramírez (1) TWC: F. Arredondo (11), J. Cordero (12), O. Heijnen 2 (14), P. Davenport (8)

6/6: Chicago Black Sox @ Twin Cities River Monsters - Loss, 4-12.
Benavidez Slugs River Monsters to 12-4 Win
W: H. Amaral (6-2) L: D. Bates (3-8) S: R. Lothbrok (1).
HR - CHI: R. Wattson (14), S. Fradesso (9) TWC: R. Gabriel (2), J. Benavidez 2 (7)

6/8 (Game 1): Chicago Black Sox @ Louisville Sluggers - Win, 12-7.
Fradesso Hits 2 home runs in Black Sox Win
W: R. Tameiro (5-0) L: A. Feliciano (4-4) S: P. Kemp (1).
HR - CHI: D. Dave (18), A. Budding 2 (15), S. Fradesso 2 (11) LOU: B. White (13), S. Kwakou (14)

6/8 (Game 2): Chicago Black Sox @ Louisville Sluggers - Win, 6-5.
Black Sox Beat Louisville, 6-5
W: F. Salgado (2-2) L: F. Barrera (2-1) S: I. Kocher (1).
HR - CHI: P. Ávila (2), J. Cote (2), P. Kemp 2 (5) LOU: J. Morán (12), T. Bourges (18), D. Soethout (4)

Heroes of the Week
Aarnoud Budding, DH: 23 AB, 9 H, 3 HR, 9 RBI, .391 AVG, 1.438 OPS
Sebastian Fradesso, OF: 29 AB, 8 H, 3 HR, 8 RBI, .276 AVG, .990 OPS
Jaime Ramírez, SS: 24 AB, 8 H, 1 HR, 4 RBI, .333 AVG, 1.152 OPS

Where Things Stand
W-L Record for Week 10: 4-3, .571
Overall Record: 31-32, .492
Position in Standings: In 4th Place in the Frick Heartland Division, 15.5 games behind Yellow Springs.
Run Differential: -15

Team Hitting
AVG: .244, 9th in the FL
OBP: .303, 14th in the FL
SLG: .446, 8th in the FL
Runs Scored: 290, 7th in the FL

Team Pitching
Staff ERA: 4.09, 8th in the FL
Starters’ ERA: 4.37, 8th in the FL
Bullpen ERA: 3.63, 7th in the FL
Runs Allowed: 305, 11th in the FL

Hitting Leaders
AVG: Tomás Durán, 3B: .318
OBP: Tomás Durán, 3B: .376
HR: Diesel Dave, C: 18
RBI: Diesel Dave, C: 42
WAR: 3 tied with 1.8
RC/27: Aarnoud Budding, DH: 8.12

Pitching Leaders
Wins: Pancho Germán, 6
Saves: Gilberto Sosa, 16
ERA: Pancho Germán, 2.95
K: Amayas Moelling, 54
K/BB: Amayas Moelling, 2.16
WAR: Amayas Moelling, 1.1

Hot Take

We’ve noticed something, here at Hot Take Command Central.

While it takes only 1 week of going, say, 0-6 to tank the Sox’s record and throw them deep into the pack hunting a playoff position, it takes them week-after-torturous week to climb back towards the heady peak of .500.

And we do mean weeks.

With fits and starts, the Sox have been slowly, painfully slogging their way back towards respectability since early May.

Now, finally, in mid-June, the boys in black pinstripes have moved to within a game of .500, poised to put themselves over the top and start making a little noise in the wild card race … and what should hove into view on the upcoming schedule?

Four games – 4! – with Yellow Springs. Again with Yellow Springs? Really? It seems like every time we turn around, there they are with those damnable red and black uniforms. While we’re at it, here’s a question for ya: they play in Yellow Springs, right? How come their uniforms aren’t yellow? Just another example of the Baseball Industrial Empire screwing with the little guys.

And by little guys, I mean our guys.

So, fine. Yellow Springs. Whatever.

Now we can look forward to a hellacious losing streak, a 4- or 5-week slog back towards .500, and we’ll almost be there, except we’ll need to play Frickin’ Yellow Springs again.

Or Louisville. Or Des Moines or some damn Heartland team that’ll rip our hearts out all over again.

Fine. Whatever. Could be worse, we guess.

We could be Sacramento.

The Week Ahead

1 Game at Louisville

4 Games vs Yellow Springs (AGAIN?!?) at Chicago
2 Games vs Madison at Chicago

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