Sox Scoops 40.202: "Of Backups, Suspicions, And BJB"

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Sox Scoops 40.202: "Of Backups, Suspicions, And BJB"

Post by HoosierVic » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:46 pm

[iPhone XXI audio recording]

(Private Investigator Max Nash is asleep in a hotel room somewhere in the Dayton, OH, area, when he is awakened by a call on his mobile phone).

Max Nash (sleepily): Yeah. This is Nash. This better be good …

Lonnie Murdoch: Boss? This is Lonnie … and, sorry, it ain’t good. There’s a problem at your house.

Nash (completely awake, sits bolt upright): Talk to me.

Max "On The Nose" Nash
Lonnie: Well, it appears there was some kind of sewer backup on your line … the cops are saying sewage … well, basically from a big swath of the near-Westside got backed up into your house and then spread out from there into the neighborhood.

Nash: Jesus. What are they saying about damage?

Lonnie: Well, your place - at least everything on the first floor - is … well … saturated …

Nash: Saturated?

Lonnie: Um. Yeah. With sewage water.

Nash: Awww. Yuck.

Lonnie: Yeah. Sorry boss.

Nash: And they’re saying this happened how?

Lonnie: Well, they’re saying that a buildup of flushed material broke loose and clogged the pipes …

Nash: Of every pipe except the one to my house?

Lonnie: Well, and some others on your street … but, yeah.

Nash: This doesn’t smell right …

Lonnie: Oh, ain’t nothin’ smelling right in your neighborhood right now …

Nash: Damn it, Lonnie!

Lonnie: Sorry, boss.

Nash: Do we still have eyes on Helga?

Lonnie: You mean the Hickman lady? Yeah,but what's she got to do with this?

Nash:: I'm just thinking that there's a lotta sewage following that lady around. She's there when the pig shit gets dumped in the Little Cal. She works in Yellow Springs where a buncha pig manure gets dumped on the highway, and now my house - my house! - gets flooded with sewage. That's a little on the nose, don't ya think?

Lonnie: Well, if you held it ...

Nash: What? Held what?

Lonnie: Your nose. A little joke ...

Nash: Damn it Lonnie ...

Lonnie: Yeah. Sorry.

Nash: So where's Helga now?

Lonnie: She’s in Yellow Springs. She went out dancin’ with some other chick last night … guys had a hell of a time keepin’ up with her, but they did.

Nash: And?

Lonnie: Nothin’ much, except she kept yellin’ something while she was dancin’.

Nash: What was that?

Lonnie: She kept sayin’ “For BJB!”

Nash: What the hell does that mean?

Lonnie: We got no clue.

Nash (getting out of bed): Well, I’ve got an excellent idea.

Lonnie: Yeah? What’s that.

Nash: Let’s get a clue.

Lonnie: Well, OK. But, boss, the public works guys in Chicago are sayin’ it was just an unfortunate accident …

Nash: … that the sewage pipes – sewage, mind you, after all the stuff with Yellow Springs and Vinnie and all that – were conveniently blocked so the system would back up in my neighborhood and, specifically, my house.

Lonnie: Well, when you put it like that, it seems a little on the nose.

Nash: Right. It doesn’t smell right.

Lonnie (suppressing a laugh): Boss, you gotta quit sayin’ that.

Nash: Yeah. OK. I’m gonna check on a few things here with Miss Hickman and her employer. I want you and whoever else you need to round up to see what all you can find out about the backup and start asking around about BJB. We need to get our arms around this …

Lonnie: Trust me, boss. You do not want your arms anywhere near this …

Nash: Yeah, yeah. Hey, call Carol at the office right when she gets there, and tell what happened and tell her to get a disaster remediation company out there to the house to start cleaning up, OK?
Lonnie: Right boss.

Nash: And BJB. Let’s run that down. Start with any connection to this stuff with Vinnie, OK? In fact, maybe start with those mopes who were drivin’ in that truck the night the pig shit dumped in the Little Cal. Maybe see if Mark Simpson heard anything that might help …

Lonnie: Simpson? The baseball player?

Nash: Yeah. He was riding along with the truck crew the night that shit got dumped. Maybe he heard something interesting.

Lonnie: OK, boss. We’re on it.

Nash: This just doesn’t smell right.

Lonnie (snickering): You gotta stop sayin’ that, Max …

[Call and recording end]

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