Sox Scoops 40.151: "Farm Fresh Aug. 11-17"

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Sox Scoops 40.151: "Farm Fresh Aug. 11-17"

Post by HoosierVic » Sat Nov 16, 2019 9:21 pm


Image Carolina Flight – AAA

Last week: 2-4 (Took 2 of 3 at Kalamazoo; won 0 of 3 at El Paso.)
Overall: 69-57, in second place, 5 games behind Brooklyn in the GL East Coast Division; tied with Orlando in the Wild Card race.

Prospect Watch
As of the morning of August 18, 2040
Aarnoud Budding, 1B.299/.372/.597.96931964.3
Tomás Durán, SS.294/.360/.575.93429882.7
Cliff Reus, CL1.883-2-1843.032140.5
Hector Reyes*, SP5.2510-9-0152.298531.8
Justin Archer**, RP1.032-1-526.121140.8
Gilberto Sosa, SP/RP2.871-3-1215.21350.3
* Reyes promoted to Chicago on July 14; demoted July 20
** Promoted to Chicago on July 20; demoted July 27

Image Beloit Blue Sox - AA

Last week: 3-3 (Won 1 of 2 vs Anderson at home; won 1 of 3 at New Bern; won 1 of 1 at Columbus.)
Overall: 66-60, in fourth place, 20 games behind St. Joseph in the DNL Mid-Central Division.

Prospect Watch
As of the morning of August 18, 2040
Gilberto Sosa*, SP/RP4.016-2-1745.147100.6
Dieter Ruijghaver, SP/RP5.526-4-858.244150.4
* Sosa promoted to AAA Carolina on July 7

Image Grand Junction Gold Sox - A

Last week: 5-1 (Took 1 of 2 vs. Pahrump at home; took 3 of 3 at Medford; took 1 of 1 vs. Topeka at home.)
Overall: 82-44, in first place in the PL West Central Division, 4 games ahead of Aspen.

Prospect Watch
As of the morning of August 18, 2040
Hao Hang, LF.344/.393/.6911.08434957.6
Spencer Hillson, C.231/.298/.356.6547441.2
Ricardo Torres.326/.348/.576.925251125.0
Francisco Salgado, RP2.624-3-2258.16061.6
Andresa Frederico, SP3.5614-4-0179.2150272.5
James Matarazzo, CL2.773-4-1552.042140.1
Weston Etheridge, RP2.883-1-325.02720.0

Image San Pedro De Macoris Green Sox - S A

Last week: 3-3 (Took 2 of 3 vs Springfield at home; took 1 of 3 at Kingston.)
Overall: 39-37, in fourth place in the SL2 Big Islands Division, 7 games behind Adirondack. Eliminated from post-season hunt. Season Ends.

Prospect Watch
As of the morning of August 18, 2040
Paul Kemp, LF/SP.388/.449/.6691.11810353.0
Danny Bennett, RF.242/.293/.488.78015501.2
Robby Clements, RF.314/.374/.565.93914482.0
Shannon Morrison, SS.221/.291/.352.6447210.4
Paul Kemp, SP/LF4.089-5-090.161241.4
Orlando Barries, RP7.152-4-1322.22111-0.6

Image Monclova Aqua Sox - Rookie

Final week: 2-3 (Took 0 of 1 from Bismarck at home; took 2 of 4 at Chestermere.) Season Ended Aug. 8.
Overall Final: 32-36, in third in the HL Mexican-American Division, 10 games behind Ogden.

Prospect Watch
As of the morning of August 11, 2040
Romeu Tameiro, SP3.624-9-0102.063192.1

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