Sox Scoops 43.030: Sox Takes Week 7, "The Manic Edition"

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Sox Scoops 43.030: Sox Takes Week 7, "The Manic Edition"

Post by HoosierVic » Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:46 am

Regular Season, Week 7: May 12-18

Last Week’s Results:
5/12: Valencia Stars @ Chicago Black Sox - Win, 1-3.
Black Sox Prevail, 3-1, Over Valencia
W: D. Bates (5-2) L: J. García (1-6) S: G. Sosa (6).
HR - CHI: G. Lee (7), D. Dave (13)

5/13: Louisville Sluggers @ Chicago Black Sox - Win, 2-3.
Black Sox Defeat Sluggers, 3-2
W: G. Sosa (1-2) L: R. Hobbs (2-2) .
HR - LOU: T. Bourges (14), S. Kwakou (17) CHI: P. Kemp (2)

5/14: Louisville Sluggers @ Chicago Black Sox - Win, 2-5.
Black Sox Beat Sluggers, 5-2
W: L. Gonzáles (3-3) L: K. Howard (3-3) S: J. Alfonzo (1).
HR - CHI: J. Figueroa (5), J. Lorenzen (1)

5/15: Louisville Sluggers @ Chicago Black Sox - Loss, 7-4.
Sluggers Deal Black Sox 7-4 Loss
W: B. Crewe (1-1) L: P. Jaramillo (4-4) S: M. Torres (4).
HR - LOU: C. Reyes (1)

5/16: Louisville Sluggers @ Chicago Black Sox - Win, 3-4.
Sluggers Come Up Short at Chicago, 4-3
W: P. Kemp (2-0) L: A. Feliciano (3-3) S: G. Sosa (7).
HR - LOU: S. Kwakou (18), H. Mangrouthormone (1) CHI: R. Wattson (9), H. Hang (6)

5/17: Chicago Black Sox @ Nashville Bluebirds - Win, 5-4.
Black Sox Drop Bluebirds, 5-4
W: G. Sosa (2-2) L: M. Orozco (2-1) .
HR - CHI: D. Dave (14), R. Wattson 2 (11) NSH: K. Ata (10)

5/18: Chicago Black Sox @ Nashville Bluebirds - Loss, 0-3.
Black Sox Lose to Bluebirds, 3-0
W: P. Sánchez (1-0) L: A. Moelling (2-4) S: J. García (4).
HR - NSH: M. Guerrer (6)

Heroes of the Week
Gilberto Sosa, Closer: 2 Wins, 2 Saves, 5.0 IP, 1 BB, 4 K, 0.00 ERA
Grant Lee, OF: 21 AB, 8 H, 1 HR, 4 RBI, .381 AVG, 1.030 OPS
Rocky Wattson, 2B: 22 AB, 6 H, 3 HR, 4 RBI, .273 AVG, 1.135 OPS

Zeroes of the Week
Diesel Dave, C: 22 AB, 3 H, 2 HR, 2 RBI, .136 AVG, .545 OPS
Aarnoud Budding, 1B: 21 AB, 4 H, 0 HR, 1 RBI, .190 AVG, .451 OPS
Pepe Jaramillo, SP: 0-1 Record, 2.1 IP, 4 BB, 2 K, 23.14 ERA

The Halt and the Lame
SP Amayas Moelling came down with a finger blister that took him out of the May 18 game against Nashville after just 4.2 IP. He’s day-to-day for one day, which should not affect his next start.

1B Mark Simpson should be able to return from the Injured List in 6 days. He’s recovering from a strained hamstring.

Record as of May 18
W-L Record for Week 7: 5-2, .714
Overall Record: 21-23, .477
Position in Standings: 6th Place, 7.5 games behind Yellow Springs

Hot Take
The Chicago Black Sox are the baseball equivalent of manic depression: a bewildering series of highs and lows that leave fans exhilarated one moment and enervated the next.

How else to explain losing nine games in a row, getting swept by Yellow Springs, and then bouncing back to go 5-2 and take 3 of 4 from Louisville?

We’re gonna need a refill on our meds … especially after watching SP Pepe Jaramillo this month. How do you follow up a 4-1 April in which you put together a 1.25 ERA and win the Frick League’s Pitcher of the Month award? Well, if you’re Pepe, you gorge yourself on pears, go 0-3 in May (so far) with an 18.00 ERA and pretty much piss away everything you worked so hard to achieve in the opening weeks of the season. Owner Vinnie Vitale is gonna want a refund on his fruit basket, I think.

In more hopeful news, pitcher Luis Gonzáles had a decent week in long relief after serving a 6-day suspension for brawling and then being unceremoniously yanked from the starting rotation. His ERA is down about 1.5 points, going from 8.22 to 6.69 and pitching effectively against Louisville and Nashville.

And speaking of pitching effectively: two-way rookie Paul Kemp took Gonzáles’ spot in the rotation, and has gone 1-0 with 9 innings pitched and two runs, total, allowed over the two starts he’s made. Kemp had been pitching long relief and playing the outfield against left-handed hitters. On the season, he’s 2-0 with a 0.84 ERA, 3 walks and 15 K, while batting .265 in 49 AB with 2 homers and 3 RBIs.

No doubt about it, the young man (22) can play baseball.

The Week Ahead

1 Game at Nashville

3 Games vs. Des Moines (blecchh) at Chicago

3 Games at Madison

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Re: Sox Scoops 43.030: Sox Takes Week 7, "The Manic Edition"

Post by FuzzyRawley » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:36 pm

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