A Flock of Bluebirds 2042.4- Checking The Locks: Outfielders

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A Flock of Bluebirds 2042.4- Checking The Locks: Outfielders

Post by recte44 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:16 pm

Hat tip to Edmonton's Chris Robillard who introduced this awesome format.

Sure Fire Locks (4):
LF: Gipper Kengos
CF: William Wood
CF/RP: Kidane Ata
RF: Mark White
The Bluebirds outfield is kind of stacked now after the signing of White. Kengos will be the everyday left-fielder, Wood and Ata are in some kind of a time share in center field, and then Wood, White and maybe another player will share right field.

Near Locks (1):
DH: Alonso Olvere
Why Olvere over Mejia (who led the Bluebirds with 100 RBI) here? Olvere is a more complete hitter right now.

Trying To Break In (8):
RF/1B: Nacho Mendez
RF/1B: Sixto Mejia
LF: Jose Campos
LF: Anibal Gracia
LF: Toby Peck
CF: Jose Gonzalez
CF/RP: Rafael Rodriguez
RF: Stephen Lord
Here's where it gets pretty nuts. Realistically these 8 guys are fighting for 1 spot. There's a slim chance Nashville may figure out a way to make another spot open, but let's just say it's one spot. The easy ones? Gracia, Peck, Gonzalez and Rodriguez are going back to the minors. Campos is a Rule 5 player the Bluebirds really like. This may give him the inside track. But wait- Lord was so damn good last year. And we're really going to send Mejia to AAA Orlando? What of Mendez? He deserves a spot as well. It'll come down to the best overall fit at the end of Spring, and that doesn't mean that a bunch of these guys will contribute later in the season.

Breaking In The Back Door (NRI) (2):
CF: Aloysius Gonzaga
RF: Jean-Luc Lacaze
Old School Remix! :)
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Re: A Flock of Bluebirds 2042.4- Checking The Locks: Outfielders

Post by RonCo » Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:57 am

Lots of good outfielders in the mix. All around, I suppose... but even then this is a stocked cupboard.
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