The Goat Rope 2039.3 - Addressing the Rumors

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The Goat Rope 2039.3 - Addressing the Rumors

Post by GoldenOne » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:54 pm

What about these rumors that the Goats are planning on trading away half of their team this season? Well, GM Brett "The Brain" Golden addressed those rumors at a press conference today.

GM Golden: 'Doodle' Likiliki, 'Cajun' Peithner, 'Scout' Jackson, 'Gasoline' Kamade? Trade those guys this season? Might as well throw 'Beast' Yong in there too! Are you kidding me? The fans and Mr. Bones would have my nuts for lunch!

Yes, there was an effort to trade Jackson in the offseason. Does that mean we are still pushing for it or even thinking about it? No chance. Unless some other GM comes to me with an offer that makes me question their sanity - yes, it could happen - none of those guys are going anywhere. We've seen how this year's FA market went. A couple of those guys have contracts that arent necessarily bad but are probably above what people are looking to pay. Doodle is cost us $1.1 for this season and next before he even hits arbitration. No chance he's going anywhere. Remember that Ricky Williams football trade way back in the day? Unless I get an offer like that, he'll be a Goat for quite a few more years.
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