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The Goat Rope - 2037.2

Post by GoldenOne » Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:54 pm

Dateline: April 13th, Nashville, TN

Goats Beat Reporter, Jimmy Olsen: Mr. Golden...
Goats GM Brett Golden: Dammit Olsen, how did you get into my office? Jodie, why did you let this guy in here?!?!
Olsen: She's not out there. Besides, she knows about out deal.
Golden: Dammit. Next time, you get on the schedule. You cant just walk in here.
Olsen: Suuuure. Like that'll happen. Its either here or the diner.
Golden: Fine. Go. You have 4 minutes.
Olsen: What do you attribute the Goats's slow start to?

Golden: Seriously? Okay. Jacksonville on the road. San Antonio - you've seen who they spent all that money on, right - on the road. Then we open at home with Rockville, last year's Landis winner and the Landis runner-up in 2035. Not quite an easy start for any team. Now we're in the middle of a series with Atlantic City.

Olsen: Is there any one thing though? Anything you are worried about?
Golden: You mean besides you continuing to date my daughter?
Olsen: Yes.
Golden: Errors. We're not built to be able to withstand the pace of the errors that are being committed. The boys are working hard though; it'll turn around before too long.

Olsen: What about the offense?
Golden: You've run out of questions. Jodie, please come show George out.
Olsen: Its Jimmy.
Golden: I'm not sure why you think I care enough for you to correct me. Good-bye.
Brett "The Brain" Golden
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