Slugger Shavings 2038.6 - So Much for Patience, part 2

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Slugger Shavings 2038.6 - So Much for Patience, part 2

Post by sjshaw » Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:34 pm

The dismantling of the Sluggers is near-complete. After lengthy negotiations, charged with crackling masculine sexual energy, LOU and WIC finally agreed on who had the larger package...

(for SP Morales).

Once the #3 prospect in all the lands was dropped into negotiations, it was pretty much a fait accompli. The only question then was who else would be included. In the end, Morales threatened to retire if his lover, Pepe Jaramillo, was not also traded to WIC. We obliged the happy couple, and sent along CF Calvin Clohessy as the awkward third wheel.

The return was satisfactory, and beyond any other offers that trickled in once we made Morales' availability known.

Leaving LOU:

SP Kevin Morales (to WIC): As stated in volume one of Slugger Shavings, Morales is our best player on paper, but his production simply didn't match up to his ratings, his salary, or his outsized ego. He'll be opting out in two seasons, and we simply don't have enough on the roster to compete, even with him. It's best that he moves on.
SP Pepe Jaramillo (to WIC): This was actually the toughest part of the deal to accept. Pepe has been horrible with a capital HO the last few seasons, but had a stretch of impressive seasons back when LOU was almost good. Can he reach those lofty heights again? Maybe. But he'll want a big extension after next season, and we would rather spend the money elsewhere.
CF Calvin Clohessy (to WIC): Clohessy was an afterthought in LOU when I arrived, languishing in AAA all season before I brought him up as a super-utility man. I love guys that can back up literally every single position at a high level of fielding, but his stick just can't get it done.

Arriving in LOU:

SP Armando 'Commie Child' Feliciano (from WIC): The prize of the deal, Feliciano obviously becomes our best prospect and the hope of the organization. He is, however, a soon-to-be 19-year-old SP, and OOTP typically does not treat them kindly. I hope that the BBA accelerated dev factors help shield him from the "crib death" so often suffered by young pitchers. We need this bet to pay off. If he fulfills his immense potential, we have two TOR guys (Feliciano and SP Augusto Sánchez) ready to rock when we're good again.
SP Juan 'Mayday' Pinto (from WIC): I love pinto beans, and his last name is Pinto, so I figured it was destiny. Also, he projects to be a total badass RP, and will be key to our "opener" strategy paying off in the future.
RP Orlando Peña (from WIC): Pena looks great, except for that CON sitting at 2. If he can fill that out, then he'll be a productive bullpen piece. If not, trash heap.
LF António Rivera (from WIC): Another lotto ticket. A bump to CON and he could steal some long-side platoon time.

So let's look at the updated damage.

Leaving LOU:

SP Ken "Hotpants" Bates (to CAL)
SP Sean Gardner (to CAL)
SP Kevin Morales (to WIC)
SP Pepe Jaramillo (to WIC)
RP Carlos Rosa (to EDM)
RP Ignacio Castaneda (to EDM)
SS Joey O'Brien (to EDM)
CF Calvin Clohessy (to WIC)
One crisp dollar bill (to SEA)

Arriving at Louisville International Airport:

SP Armando 'Commie Child' Feliciano (from WIC)
SP Juan 'Mayday' Pinto (from WIC)
SP Chuck Barnes (from EDM)
SP Kahsay Mudada (from CAL)
SP Alfredo Contreras (from SEA)
RP Alexander Rickard (from SEA)
RP Orlando Peña (from WIC)
C Toshikazu Noguchi (from EDM)
1B Hugh Mangrouthormone (from CAL)
SS José Montaño (from CAL)
SS Juan Medrano (from SEA)
LF António Rivera (from WIC)
OF Pedro Gonzales (from EDM)
GM, Louisville Sluggers, end of 2038 - current

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Re: Slugger Shavings 2038.6 - So Much for Patience, part 2

Post by felipe » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:57 pm


Not sure how I missed this the first time


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Re: Slugger Shavings 2038.6 - So Much for Patience, part 2

Post by recte44 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:06 am

Now that’s a way to make your presence felt!
Matt Rectenwald
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Re: Slugger Shavings 2038.6 - So Much for Patience, part 2

Post by Fat Nige » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:36 am

Surprised that Felipe allowed someone else to grab Joey O’Brien lol
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