Tropical Tidbits 37.01 - 2037 Draft Review

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Tropical Tidbits 37.01 - 2037 Draft Review

Post by udlb58 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:45 pm

In another deep class that I'm sure nearly everyone feels good about when looking back at their picks, the Hurricanes once again feel like they have done a nice job of replenishing the system. Clearly, we felt like the value between Rounds 2-10 was in pitching, taking 8 pitchers in our 11 picks. There may not be any bona-fide super-stars here without bumps, but it is tough to find that kind of value outside the top 15 in a draft. I'm confident we found many prospects who will either become contributors for the Hurricanes (or more likely being trade chips to acquire contributors). Introducing, the 2037 Hurricanes draft class:
  • Round 1: #31 2B Francisco Arredondo (8/9/8/4/8 Talents): I'm very excited about the 17 year old Nicaraguan. He immediately becomes the 1b prospect at 2nd in the org (slightly behind Encarnacion), with his potential power ability putting his ceiling even higher. The defense isn't great, but it should be just good enough at 2nd. Even if he falls off, the bat could be good enough for him to start at 1st (where he'd be a great defender)
  • Round 1s: #38 SP Ultse Roseboom (8/7/6 Talents): Lefty? Check. Movement? Check. Cutter? Check. No changeup? Check. The only worry is that he did have a slight ratings drop not long ago. If he can find a way to develop, he could be a very good #3 pitcher.
  • Round 2: #75 SP Raul Silva (8/6/7 Talents): Potential to be a very good #4 (or better), and his 5-pitch arsenal means he could always be a conversion candidate if needed.
  • Round 2s: #83 RF Javier Salazar (8/9/6/5/7 Talents): Good contact ability and decent power. The defense will be what determines if this is a huge value (and he sticks in the OF), or just an okay value (and he is a cheap platoon player at 1B/DH).
  • Round 3: #116 RP Fernando Guerrero (7/7/10 Talents): I am very excited about this pick. Guerrero could become a very good relief pitcher one day.
  • Round 3: #119 RP Jorge Lopez (6/7/9 Talents): Sidearm lefty with a mid-80s fastball and dominant slider. If he can add velocity, he could become a closer.
  • Round 4: #148 SP Augusto Moran (5/7/8 Talents): Soft-tossing righty that is a potential long reliever, but if he can add some velo, he could become a #4/5 pitcher.
  • Round 5: #178 SP Ricardo De Los Santos (4/6/10 Talents): Intriguing prospect. Another soft-tossing, sidearm lefty with high control talent. He does have 3 pitches though, so if he adds velo, he could actually become a starting pitcher.
  • Round 6: #208 RP Jesse Sanchez (7/5/5 Talents): One of a million righty relief prospects. Needs velo and/or movement or control to make it.
  • Round 7: #238 RP Paul Walden (8/5/8 Talents): I actually like Walden better than Sanchez, because he only needs to add velo or movement to become a solid BBA reliver, unfortunately he probably won't sign.
  • Round 8: #268 RP Flynn Bernard (9/5/6 Talents): Lefty reliever that actually could become a BBA reliever at some point.
  • Round 9: #298 SS Luis Salazar (6/6/2/5/6 Talents): Good glove, and just enough contact to make him a borderline rosterable player. If that 6 contact is a .270ish average, he is a great pickup and a potential starter (or great backup) in the middle infield.
  • Round 10: #328 C Luis Mendoza (6/6/5/5/6 Talents): Questionable catching ability and questionable bat if he isn't a catcher. Probably won't do enough of one or the other to make it.
  • Round 11: #358 SP Diego Jimenez (8/4/5 Talents): First of 4 picks where we fell asleep at the wheel. He has some stuff....and that's it.
  • Round 12: #388 C Jose Moran (5/8/6/6/5 Talents): Noodle armed catcher with some power. On the plus-side, he's a switch hitter, though it may never matter.
  • Round 13: #418 SP Greg Dunlap (8/3/6 Talents): Starting pitcher who lacks the stuff or control to make up for his abysmal movement.
  • Round 14: #448 LF Max Wilhelm (4/5/6/5/4 Talents): [fart noise]
  • Round 15: #478 UTL Bryan Harris (5/7/4/6/5 Talents): True utility player who can play 8 positions, but probably won't sign.
  • Round 16: #508 CF Valerio Santi (5/6/3/6/5 Talents): Lefty, possible center fielder, speed, some batting eye, no power or contact.
  • Round 17: #538 2B Mark Miller (5/6/1/5/7 Talents): Potential center fielder, definite second baseman. He has speed and puts the ball in play, but that's about it right now.
  • Round 18: #568 2B Santiago Ortiz (5/6/6/3/9 Talents): Extreme contact skills, but they don't always translate into hits. Has some power for an 18th round pick who can play the field.
  • Round 19: #598 RP Ramon Vega (9/4/5 Talents): Lefty reliever with a cutter and 9 stuff. I'll take it at 598th overall.
  • Round 20: #628 SP George Boniface (7/5/6 Talents): He could legitimately end up as good as my 6th round pick. Best case: he finds a slider and becomes a #5 SP; most likely, he eats up a few innings as a low leverage reliever here and there.
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Re: Tropical Tidbits 37.01 - 2037 Draft Review

Post by agrudez » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:53 am

I liked Salazar a lot at the spot you got him. Currently projecting for a 9 CON vs. RHP split.
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