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2040.10 Young Core Bats Coming Together

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:57 pm
by ae37jr
Young Core Bats Coming Together


Despite 90 loss campaign, Robins appear to be putting together a run

If you are just a fair weather fan, you may think this is just another sub .500 season for the Brooklyn Robins. But if you are a diehard like me, you know that the team is poised to rise from the valley of this rebuilding algorithm at any moment. A lot of solid young core players are already up and performing well at the BBA level, with many still to come. The team is also about to enter a place financially that has never been seen under the current regime. Meaning if there is a free agent piece they want, they will likely be able to add. Let's take a look at some of the young core bats and their development....

Felipe Vega
Vega has been an absolute monster at the age of 21 and could give Charm Cities Quintin Lara and Atlantic City's Juan Rivera a run for their money as Johnson rookie of the year. Vega slashed a .296/.392/.575 line with 87 extra base hits in one of the most decidedly anti left hand hitter parks in the league.

Jose Ramos
After lumping from 70 POT to 50 and going 3 for 27 in May, the Robins soured on Ramos, sent him to the minors and were very close to shipping the 19 year old out of town for pitching. After tearing up AAA and putting together as good of a July and August as anyone in the BBA, the Robins are once again smitten for Ramos and will likely alter the ballpark for the "Homerun Hermanos"

Who is Gualtiero Crisci?
That is the Jeopardy answer of "Likely the only ever player signed to a minor league contract at age 25 with no BBA experince and put back to back 2.7 WAR seasons in rookie and sophomore seasons." Crisci is an unexpected member of this core, earning every opportunity he has been given.

Richard Drouin
After a 3 month adjustment period to BBA pitching, Drouin has come on strong the final two months of season. He currently stands at .277/.350/.445 and 1.8 WAR. Solid yet unspectacular numbers for a 2B. One would assume that with his 8/7/6/6/9 ratings against righties, this is probably closer to his floor then his ceiling.

José García
Like about 6-7 other teams in the BBA, Brooklyn has a 1B/DH named Jose Garcia. And just like the others he is a poor fielder and a good, not great masher. Our version of Jose Garcia hit .283/.371/.507. He has always been on the fringe of being in our "core". Art O'Bryan should be ready soon at 1B and the afore mentioned Ramos is likely our DH since he sucks in RF. But if Garcia continues to rake, he will find his way into lineup and force our hand.

Jorge Lugo
Unlike most of these players, Lugo started the season hot, then cooled off. He leveled out at .275/.327/.381 and his defense was much worse then advertised. The Robins thought he'd top out at a borderline all star level and that is still the hope. But in a worst case scenario, Lugo is a plug and play league average shortstop for the next 5 seasons. Even if he lumps, he is likely still a solid utility infielder on a championship caliber team.

António Cordero
Cordero is one of the best defensive outfielders on the planet. Though his ability to hit well enough to play everyday will always be in question. With Juan Sweetworlds future in Brooklyn being up in the air, Cordero seems poised to be the everyday CF for the team next season. It could be a hit or it could be a miss. For all of Cordero's faults though, he did average over 2 WAR his first two seasons as a part time player.

So there you have it folks. A lot of good young players starting to take form here. Sprinkle in a few more rookies next year and a couple of free agents and Brooklyn might actually be halfway decent again sometime soon.

Re: 2040.10 Young Core Bats Coming Together

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:42 am
by RonCo
A lot to work with here.

Re: 2040.10 Young Core Bats Coming Together

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 3:01 pm
by jleddy
Love the "Homerun Hermanos"!

Re: 2040.10 Young Core Bats Coming Together

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:39 pm
by CTBrewCrew
...another “Blueprint...” 😜

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