2041.01 Los Longball Hermanos Asientos Pabellón

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2041.01 Los Longball Hermanos Asientos Pabellón

Post by ae37jr » Sat Dec 14, 2019 12:51 am

Los Longball Hermanos Asientos Pabellón


Robins alter field, add "The Longball Brothers Seating Pavillion"

The Brooklyn Robins today announced that they will be altering McDermott Park at Ebbets Field. Plans are finalized and construction has begun to bring in the right field fence significantly, while adding an additional 5,000 seats to the area.

The project is known as "Los Longball Hermanos Asientos Pabellón". Which in English means the Longball Brothers Seating Pavillion. Los Longball Hermanos is the nickname given to Robins young sluggers Felipe Vega, José Ramos, and José García.. The collective Chorizo(meat) of the Brooklyn order.

The trio had collective slugging percentages of .585, .578, and .508 in a park that was death to left handed power hitters. With a .25 bump to lefty power metrics, those numbers should only grow and the trio could put up some beastly numbers. The Robins also just added Luis Lucero to the mix. The 22 year old lefty is just one year removed from a .305/.345/.629 5 WAR season in a similar park. Richard Drouin and Gualtiero Crisci, while not power hitters per say, should benefit as well. That duo did manage to combine for 39 taters last year. A bump should put them in the 20-25 range. projected starting catcher Mzee Kiango also becomes a lot more interesting. On top of being an A+ pitch caller and framer, fan graphs now has him projected to be a .260 hitter with 21 homeruns. That should put him in the 2 WAR range.

Of course the flip side is that the pitching will suffer some. Especially on the short term. Brooklyn's big league team is filled with a lot of homer prone right handed pitchers cause that's the way the park was before. Help is on the way though. The Robins have 6 pitchers in the 19-21 age range with 8 or better movement potential. Not the least of which is lefty uber prospect Ramón Martínez whose projected 11/11/12 ratings potential VS LHB probably makes him the freakiest pitching prospect in the BBA.
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