Brooklyn State of Mind: Sellers? (2046.3)

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Brooklyn State of Mind: Sellers? (2046.3)

Post by lordtoffee » Fri Mar 26, 2021 8:48 pm

Welcome back to WFAN Radio here in the Big Apple. Moving on from the Rangers free agency rumors, we turn our attentions to the BBA. The Robins gained some plaudits under GM Ben Heuring for going for it, but it looks like it is time to pay the bill and retool. But is it the right thing to do? I think so. The Robins are going to have to make some moves to get out of the bad contract situation they are going to find themselves in, and the vultures are starting to circle around some of the players. Sources indicate that Legrande might be one of the players who is going to be shopped around, with potentially some other players that could fetch some value.

As for what Heuring is planning to do, let's play some audio of his recent press conference. "I know that we are going to get offers from other teams. Bottom line is that we might be in need of a retool, and I don't think anyone is dumb enough to admit otherwise. I wouldn't change anything about the moves I made, and I was owed it. Also, there were some rumors that my predecessor left me a document with some advice that came out in the Post the other day. I won't confirm or deny those rumors, as any dealings I have with a rival GM are between me and the other parties in this league. Rest assured, that I will do whatever I can to keep this team competitive, and to build towards it."

So there you have it. An era of Robins baseball might be ending, but sometimes it is for the best. Heuring at least tried to squeeze what he could, and it's not like the pitchforks are out for him yet. We'll be back after this break to talk about the Knicks finally being sold by James Dolan later on. This is WFAN.
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