Brooklyn State of Mind: Vega Wins Monthly Award (2044.6)

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Brooklyn State of Mind: Vega Wins Monthly Award (2044.6)

Post by lordtoffee » Fri Sep 25, 2020 10:56 pm

Before the start of the season, most of the BBA community was not sure about the Robins. Eyeballs were raised when the Robins signed one relief pitcher in free agency, and some questions were raised if the aggressive changes that had been made over the past year were worth it. Well, the Robins are in a playoff spot and are near the top of the Johnson in both offensive and defensive rankings in a lot of the major categories. Rumor also has it that the moves will not be over, as the young and aggressive GM Ben Heuring has been scouring the landscape for more talent. This team has demonstrated that they can compete, and it's only fair that the GM do his utmost to give the coaching staff all the tools to succeed.

The Robins were pleased to learn that the BBA office has given an award to Felipe Vega. Vega was named the Johnson Batter of the Month, and it is well deserved. He hit 11 home runs in May, and has consistently shown impressive hitting skills with an underrated glove. He has become a fan favorite among the Robins, as he has shown skills and artistry that would fit in well on Broadway or in any performing arts venue in the city. His jersey has been one of the hottest sellers at the team store, and he has been a personal favorite of the GM.

"I would like to congratulate Felipe on winning the award, and it is very encouraging that the team is getting noticed offensively. It's no secret that Robins are in win now mode, but that is precisely why I made the choice to do it. This team has shown me that they can win, and our goal is to reach the playoffs and see what happens. The biggest thing I can do as a GM is to keep the organization stocked with talent, and I will use every resource and chip I can to win. So don't be surprised if I will attempt to trade for or sign any player that can help us. The only limits I have is the BBA salary cap, my brain, and the support of ownership."
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