Brooklyn State of Mind: Robins Bolster Bullpen (2043.6)

GM: Ben Heuring

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Brooklyn State of Mind: Robins Bolster Bullpen (2043.6)

Post by lordtoffee » Mon Jul 13, 2020 11:41 pm

The Brooklyn Robins might be floundering on the field, but GM Ben Heuring can't be accused of aggressively remaking the roster, swinging a surprising trade with the Yellow Springs Nine. In exchange for minor league 1B Erik Wignes, the Robins were able to acquire All Star and former Egan winner Curt Phillips. Phillips comes to Brooklyn as an exceptional closer with plenty of playoff experience and a proven pedigree. In addition, he is on an affordable contract and signed past this year. GM Ben Heuring was excited about his trade when addressing the media.

"This is the type of bullpen help I was looking for, and I know that our great fans and the players will be excited to have Curt join the organization. I would love to thank GM Ron Collins of the Yellow Springs Nine and his staff for a productive and smooth trade process. Our team has been struggling right now, but I am confident that we can get things together. Curt is going to better solidify our bullpen in the late innings, and in addition he is away from other teams in the Johnson that we are competing with. Hopefully this trade can turn around the season, and I have a plan for shoring up the offense before the trade deadline."

This could mean more moves. In his short time in Brooklyn, Heuring has developed a reputation for being aggressive in the trading market. Sources close to the GM indicate that Heuring has been taking a hard look at the minors and the majors of other teams, figuring out what to do. With him making three major moves in season plus signing an elite starter in free agency, nobody can dispute that Heuring has changed his style from Jerusalem, where he was content to stand pat with the Hammers.

Heuring said when asked about the change in style "It is a bit of a stark change from the UMEBA, but I think these moves are defensible. With Jerusalem, I had inherited a strong roster and didn't see the need to blow up a title winning team. Brooklyn is a different situation. Alan left me a great team, and I thank him for that. Without revealing too much to my fellow BBA executives, I have a plan to add some new pieces to the Robins that will make the team better."
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Re: Brooklyn State of Mind: Robins Bolster Bullpen (2043.6)

Post by RonCo » Mon Jul 13, 2020 11:54 pm

Nice debut.
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