2039.3 Birds of a Feather

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2039.3 Birds of a Feather

Post by ae37jr » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:33 am

Birds of a Feather

Robins long quest for a competent hitting coach ends with the hiring of... a Robin

For some reason or another, the Brooklyn Robins have had the darndest time finding a hitting instructor over the past half a decade or so. Throughout the minor leagues, Brooklyn has some decent pitching coaches and managers. Yet the hitting coach position has been filled with a bunch of chuckleheads. In fact there last BBA hitting coach was a man with zero experience at the position.

In hasn't been due to lack of effort The team has offered contracts to top coaches every off season, just to get outbid by others. Going into this offseason, the Robins refused to be denied of finding their man. They placed several overpay offers and finally found a taker.

Robin Leatherman enters a unique situation where he will have his first and last name on the jersey. Perhaps the most appropriate choice for a new coach. Karma aside, Leatherman comes with the credentials to get the job done. The 49 year old started his coaching career in Toledo for the Phoenix organization. After two seasons he moved on to Charlesbourg(Edmonton). The Jackrabbits promoted him to hitting coach this season where he now holds a Landis ring.

Recent signings have the Brooklyn organization nearly staffed for the new season. The only hire left is the Memphis hitting coach. We are told that Brooklyn is holding hope that Holden Blackwell will retire on January 1st. If not, the team is expected to search the free agent pool for whatever is left.
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