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OFFICIAL PPT Tracker, Rules, Links to Rewards

Post by RonCo » Fri May 11, 2018 9:29 am

Official BBA Participation Point Tracker

Participation by GMs is the root of a healthy and active league. In the BBA participation is measured and rewarded in the form of Participation Points. During the off-season, GMs use these points to make various improvements and customizations to their franchises, hence creating a robust and immersive baseball world. This post describes the methods by which points are acquired and spent, as well as the methods the league uses to manage the process.

Minimum GM Requirements:
Each season, a GM is expected to gather:
  • At least 20 Participation Points
  • At least 6 of which come from Team News (*)
  • At least 2 of which come before the mid-season checkpoint.
(*) 2035 Trial -- Podcasts may be used as TN under the following constraints: (1) Teams are still required to have at least 4 written TNs, and (2) Podcasts are expected to be posted with labels or other elements to allow them to be searchable. This allowance will be reviewed at the end of 2035.
GM Bailout Plan:
We understand that sometimes a General Manager may find themselves coming up short of the minimum Participation Point requirement for a season but would still like to remain with the league. These GMs will be provided a "GM Bailout Plan."
1) GM must not be in their first two seasons in the BBA.
2) GM must have earned a minimum of 2 PP (net) that season to be eligible to use this reward.
3) GM's are not allowed to use this reward again until five seasons have passed.
4) In order to make up the points they are short of the minimum, GM's may spend 3 PP's for every 1 PP they need. For example, if a GM needs 8 PP to make the minimum, it will cost them 24 PP's, which will need to be made up in the subsequent seasons.
5) Use of the "GM Bailout Plan" will result in a -10 Fan Interest Drop for their team.

For tracking purposes, the Board will maintain a history of GM Bailout Plans enacted.
Participation Point Cycle:
The Participant Point season (accounting for PP accrued) closes at the end of the Landis Memorial Series (LMS). Participation Points may only be spent in the off-season, which is marked by the end of the LMS Series and Opening Day.

Note: Participation Points accrued during the off-season are accounted to the following year’s spending cycle.

In order to help GMs stay on track, interim PP Counts will take place several times throughout the season, as follows:

1) End of Offseason, Before Opening Day Sim
2) After All-Star Sim ("Midseason Count")
3) After September Roster Expansion Sim
4) After Landis Memorial Series ("Final Count")

All updates will be made in the Official BBA Participation Point Tracker.
Acquiring Participation Points:

Participation points are provided to GMs in the following fashions:
Each successful export: .25 PP

Preseason Team Preview (of another team): 6 PP
Preseason Division Preview: 6 PP
Preseason League Preview: 10 PP
Playoff Preview (one matchup): 4 PP

Team News: 2 PP per article
League Polls: 1 PP if 5-10 votes, 2 PP if 11+
Player Spotlights: 3 PP
Recurring Feature (a series that appears after each sim or so): 3 PP
League Features (significant writing): 4 PPT
League Feature(significant writing) done for the annual Media Guide: 5 PPT
Forum Posting: PP rates as below

- 50 posts= +2 PP
- 100 posts= +4 PP
- 150 posts= +8 PP
- 200 posts= +12 PP
- 300 posts= +15 PP

Creating a Team HoF Thread: 10 PP
Inducting a Player Into the Team HoF: 2 PP (*)
Creating a Team Retired Number Thread: 4 PP
Retiring a Number (in thread and in-game: 1 PP (*)

(*) GMs are only eligible to receive PP for induction one player and retirement of one number per season.

1 PP per Submittal, max 2 PP per year

Recruit a new GM that stays in good standing for at least one full season: 10 PP

Contributions to external publications (the BBA Media Guide, for example) will be rewarded at similar rates to those in the Forum Activity section, but can be subject to additional bonus points as deemed appropriate by the Board. Specifically, managing, formatting, and coordinating the release of the Media Guide as well as performing extensive analysis can provide additional bonus points.

5 PP per Podcast (Each participant in a podcast will receive this reward)

Special Projects & Bonus Points: TBD
The Board will reward unique contributions not covered in the above on an ad hoc basis. These special bonuses will be determined and announced at the time they occur.
Participation Point Penalties:
Mandatory league vote missed with no notification will result in a fine of 2 PPs and -2 Fan Interest points inside the game.
Participation Point Inheritance:
When a GM quits or is fired from the league, 1/2 of his Participation Point total will be transferred to the incoming General Manager.

The outgoing GM will retain the other 1/2 of his earned Participation Point total in case he returns in the future, however they will only be saved for two seasons after he leaves the league.
Redeeming Participation Points:
During the off season (after the Landis Memorial Series and before the next Opening Day), a GM redeems Participation Points by posting a thread in this forum indicating how they would like to redeem the points. Valid Options Include:
Ballpark Renovation
Ballpark Construction/Relocation
Ballpark Naming Rights

Rebranding/Change Logo:
- Impact: +3 Fan Interest (max 85)
- Cost: 30 PPTs
Rebranding can only be done once every 5 seasons, and must be approved by the Governing Board. In addition, to use this reward you must have been a league GM in good standing for at least two seasons.
Change Minor League Affiliate Details
– Impact: alter the details of an organization’s minor league teams.
- Cost: 10 PP per minor league team
A GM wishing to take this reward must provide a new logo, cap logo, and jersey, as well as new stadium specifications, all of which require approval of the commissioner.

Age Inquiry
Offseason Training Programs
Position Specialization
Relief Pitcher Specialization/Conversion
Starting Pitcher Conversion
Player Popularity Reward:
- Impact: Increase a player’s National and Local Popularity by one level
- Cost: 10 PP
Add Nickname
- Impact: adds a nickname to a player, personnel, or owner.
- Cost: 5 PP and an article explaining the name.
Must be approved by the Commissioner, please use good taste.

Convert PP to Cash:
- Cost: 10 PP per each $1,000,000
- Maximum Reward: $20,000,000 per season.
- A team is not allowed to exceed the Cash Maximum.
Converting Cash to Budget:
- Cost: 10 PP per each $10,000,000 budget increase
- Maximum Reward: $30,000,000 per season.
- Use of this reward will not allow a team’s budget to exceed $120,000,000.

Improve Personnel
– Impact: Improves the rating of a staff member by 10 points (on the internal scale) in any category desired.
- Cost: 10 PP
GM may ask for their current rating in any two categories prior to enacting the reward.
Convert Retired Player to Personnel
- Impact: Converts a retired player into a staff member.
– Cost 10 PP + an article explaining the new role
A GM must specify what kind of coach (Manager, Bench, Hitting, Pitching) they want the converted player to become. They will be improved automatically by 20 points in the corresponding categories that apply most significantly to their new coaching role.
Change Ownership
- Impact: Changes the owner of the franchise.
- Cost: 20 PP, plus an article on the new ownership
- New General Managers may select this reward during their first off-season with the league, otherwise this reward is available only once every five years
A GM wishing to change their team’s owner must submit details including name, nickname, date/location of birth, nationality, height/weight, and a new picture. All will be reviewed for approval by the commissioner prior to the reward being enacted.

The new owner's Patience and Spending traits can be determined through the following outline:
1) Each new owner is automatically set at the middle of the road on "spending" and "patience".
2) The GM has 4 "points" to assign, each results in moving the new owner up or down a level in any combination of the two categories.

Here’s the Al Frankensteinbrenner “create your new owner guide” handbook if you’d like some help.
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