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Post by RonCo » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:13 pm

Herein find information about how to read the Participation Point Tracker. This document is relevant to the tracker configured as of use in the 2039 season. I will also attempt to link this in the tracker itself.

Ultimately, the tracker is split into two sections. The first displays overall status of your account (like a checkbook statement), the second is a messier tracking of your activity itself (call it the bank statement?).


The first section (columns A through column L are your overall register which tracks your account at a high level. I t consists of:
  • Column D-F: OFF SEASON BALANCES - Your starting place (end of last year’s Landis), how many point you have spent in the off-season, and what your balance is going into next year.
  • Column G-H: BAILOUT TRACKER - Records what year the bailout occurred, and how many points the team still owes for that bailout.
  • Column I-J: EARNED PPT - PPT you’ve earned since the season started, and your overall balance (available at the end of the next season. This is a calculated field based on information in your activity register (detailed later), and represents how many points you have earned in this current season, but are not yet eligible to spend until later.
  • Column K-L: MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS – This reminds GMS that they need 6 TN and 20 total earned points. The cell turns green when a requirement has been met.
A new sheet/tab is created at the beginning of each off-season, with your starting total (column D) updated to the total points available (last year’s column J), and the “spent” total (column E) will be set to zero. Similarly, all points earned will be reset to zero in anticipation of the coming season.


The bulk of the sheet records your activity during any season. Points begin to accrue for the next season as soon as the Landis is over. This means that participation you make during the off-season are not available to you until next off-season. Bottom line: once the Landis is over, your acquisition for that off-season is over. Everything else carries over into following years.

The activity tracker is split into several sections, each colored differently for “ease” of reading.

Total points earned in a season (column I) are counted by multiplying values in column N+ by their respective point values in row 2. (Example: Note the “2” in cell Q2, representing a Team News is worth two points).

The sections are:
  • Exports – Every team received .25 points per export they make. The value in this cell is the number of exports each team has made (tracked against StatsPlus). I credit an “Excused” absence as a actual export, though this is a more manual thing and is exposed to error.
  • Team News – Remember, even a boring Team News is worth 2 points! This is tracked by counting the total threads in your team topic at the start of the year (column O) vs. how many there are at the time of counting (column P). Column Q is your final count, and is used in column K to determine if league mins have been met.
  • Forum Previews – Columns R – U track the number of previews of each type a team has created. Points are assessed at the rate listed in row two.
  • Forum Writing – Columns V – Y track forum writing each team does over the season. Col V = Player Spotlights, Col W = Reoccurring Features (like DM’s shutouts this year), Column X = League Features, Column Y = Trade Analysis.
  • Forum Posting – Columns Z – AG are used to report forum posting. Similar to TN tracking, it seeds the season with the number of posts each GM started the year with (Columns Z), then is updated when I enter the number of posts each GM has at the time of counting (I get this off the Forum “members” report, sorted by last visit). Column AB is a calculated field that tallies your total number of posts. Columns AC-AG are also calculated, and are used to properly assess points to your activity. If you have 50-99 posts, column AC will register a “1”. Alternately, if you have 100-149 posts, column AD will then register a “1” and then column AC will be removed. And so on.
  • Polling – Columns AH and AI represent how many polls each team has started, separated by response rates.
  • Team History Tracker – A team receives 10 points for creating a Hall of Fame (column AJ) and four for creating a Retired Number Wing (column AK). If an X is in either of these columns, those institutions already exist, so the team is no longer eligible for this reward. Columns AL and AM are used to track players who have been inducted into team Hall of Fames, or had heir numbers retired.
  • Other – This is a bit of a fluid section. Column AN represents participation in a podcast, and AO represents creation of a custom ammy player (done in a thread when Matt asks for them). Columns AP and AN are for special projects and bonus points. These rewards are used to compensate unusual or unique efforts, or for the governing board to award GMs for doing something they feel is deserving of awards not covered in the constitution. The values of these awards are determined at the time of the presentation.
  • Media Guide – Columns AR-AV represent points earned for participation in the annual Media Guide. Column AR represents points for volunteering to configure and publish the guide. League and division previews are listed in column AS and AT. Basic articles are in column AU, and any special investigations or features are collected in column AV.
  • Penalties – Penalties of two points are assessed for missing votes for All-Star games (column AW), Awards (column AX), and Hall of Fame (column AY).
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