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Poll for Upcoming Media Guide Feature: Please vote!

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:42 pm
by jleddy
I'm working on a feature for the 2041 Media Guide regarding dynasties. While the results won't change how the piece is written, they will be revealed in the story and perhaps show some interesting insight. I'd appreciate your participation in the three questions below. Thanks!

Question 1: Are dynasties good for the Brewster?
A. Yes, dynasties add to the history of the league.
B. No, dynasties are a sign there is a lack of parity.

Question 2: Is there currently parity in the Brewster?
A. Yes, I feel there is currently parity in the Brewster.
B. No, I feel there is a lack of parity in the Brewster.

Question 3: I consider the following teams currently in a dynasty: (answer all that apply)
A. California
B. Edmonton
C. Jacksonville
D. Las Vegas
E. Louisville
F. Rockville
G. San Fernando
H. Yellow Springs