Mom's Apple Pie

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Mom's Apple Pie

Post by Clayman » Mon May 04, 2020 2:13 pm

Tony Loftis was born in Sandtown, West Baltimore in 2013. A little under 2 years later Sandtown, West Baltimore was on fire, literally. 27 years later he resides in Athens, Greece one of the most loved and respected Athens Fighting Centaurs players. It seems his life can't get away from fighting, however the Fighting Centaurs are a million miles away from the fighting in Sandtown those first 11years of his life.

April 7th 2031
Greensboro, North Carolina.

Robert Loftis was sat with his USS Steel high school mug full to the brim with hot coffee, no matter what the outcome it was going to be a long day.

Sat on the sofa opposite was his brother Marcus and his wife Kelly, Marcus or should that be Officer Williams is an officer in the Baltimore Police Department his patch is Sandtown, West Baltimore. His wife a school teacher at Youth Opportunity Academy.

The other two people that day within the Loftis household were Robert Loftis's wife Michelle and Tony Loftis their son, officially their adopted son. However if you mentioned adopted or adoption in front of Michelle Loftis you'd better get ready for a fight, as far as Anthony as she called him was concerned she was like a lioness with her cub, Anthony was her son that was all that mattered.

Michelle was in the kitchen making enough food to feed a regiment.

"Robert where's Anthony?"

"Outside I think".

Michelle opened the backdoor, her son was sat in his favourite place under the apple tree in the garden.

She sat beside him.

"You know I made your favourite apple pie, well I made two, tell a lie I made three, I think I made too much food if I'm honest."

You always do, Tony laughed.

"I need to feed my boy, anyday now he's going to be leaving, leaving to play baseball." She said with not only a sadness but a pride bursting from her heart, it seemed a lifetime from the first day she had met Anthony Hendricks."

December 20th 2021

The car passed the alleyway, the driver had caught something out of the corner of his eye, he reversed. Maybe it was a trash bag blown by the wind, maybe a trash bag with a rat trying to find a meal, the bag definitely moved. He pointed his torch at the bag, it wasn't a bag though it was a kid.

Officer Williams approached the kid and shined his torch at the hunched up bundle of wet clothes.

"Kid your going to catch your death, you need to go home or get some shelter".

I can't go home, Topboy is there.

Topboy was the head of the marauders street gang.

"I know you, your Tony Hendricks, Topboy moved into your Mum's place. Kid I know it's going to be rough at home but can't be worse than on the streets".

That night Tony Hendricks went home, an home full of guns, drugs, gangbangers and his mum in a drug fuelled daze or carrying another bruise from her boyfriend. As he walked into the front room Topboy had a gun to his mum's head, his mum had never been a good mother but in that split second her mothering instincts kicked in.


Tony wasn't a big kid at that age, his growth spurt would come later "my growth spurt was due to apple pie" he would often say in interviews.

He still as above average speed, back then he was fast, faster than the gang members he also knew the streets blindfolded. He lost them within minutes.

He had nowhere to go but it seemed fete had something in store for not only Tony but for Officer Williams, Marcus was just on his way back to the precinct when he saw Tony run across the road.

Ten minutes later Tony was safe at the precinct, Topboy had been arrested. Tony's mum, dead. She had given her life for Tony, in fact she had given her life twice for him.

The reason why Topboy had a gun to her head that night, she had been stealing money from him, not for drugs or drink but to get her and Tony away from Baltimore.

With his mum dead Tony had nobody, it was a life in the system until he reached an age were he would no doubt end up in prison.

Fete turned another corner for Tony that night, it seemed as though the Gods were keeping an eye over him. Marcus got home that night, his brother and sister in law had turned up for Christmas. He told them the story of Tony Hendricks, Michelle Loftis was a saint for lost causes. The day after she was at Marcus's precinct, apple pie in hand.

A few days later with a few bending of laws, Robert and Michelle Loftis along with Marcus and Kelly Williams were in Greensboro were the Loftis lived celebrating New Year's. One other visitor Tony Hendricks later to become Tony Loftis to many, Anthony Loftis to one, was also there, he kind of stayed for a few years, they say he stayed for the apple pie but more likely it was the love of the lioness.

Oh that day in April, Tony Loftis or should that be Anthony Loftis was drafted by the Yellow Springs Nine.

Despite travelling the world he as yet to find apple pie as good as mom's.
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