Enough to make you blush.

Backstory and history of a particular player- make them come to life!
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Enough to make you blush.

Post by Clayman » Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:23 pm

He held her in his arms, the rain trickled down her ample breasts.

"Would you like me to sign that ?"

Yeah, no errrr, no I'm looking for Millard Leach.

"I'm Millard Leach".

But it says Dirk Brockhard on the cover.

"That's my pen name".

Dirk Brockhard sorry Millard Leach was a retired ballplayer who hadn't pitched since 2039 and had never played in the majors, he had a knee trembler of a fastball and his splitter wasn't far behind but he was never a starter with just two pitches. He had years were he was lights out, however once he went over that 20 games mark it was like he dropped off a cliff. He also wrote women's romantic books.

Why Dirk Brockhard?

"Well my publisher did a survey with a few names, least Dirk Brockhard was better than Ray Ravishing".

I was wondering if you'd like to come out of retirement, come and play in Athens for the Centaurs.

"You know how many copies my last book sold".

A few?

"Electric Love sold 6 million copies, Enchanted Stranger the book I'm selling now is expected to sell 7 million copies, to be honest I don't need baseball I'm not sure baseball needs me".

"Would you sign this Mr Brockhard?" A middle aged woman asked.

"Of course, what would you like it to say?"

"To Sarah, the blonde with the ample breasts". Sarah giggled.

The man had it made, he was making millions and women were falling at his feet. I thought good luck with making him want to spend day after day with ugly sweaty guys. What's your dream Millard? Mines baseball, I love the game be it playing or just being around it, your dream?

"It used to be playing baseball but it dwindled once I knew I wouldn't play in the majors, now I want to write a blockbuster, I'm not on about scantly covered women or the gardener seduce a young woman I'm on about a story to beat all stories, one for the ages".

Tell you what Millard, I'll give you both. No matter how good or bad you are, I'll give you at least ten game's in the majors. You know what else I'll do, I'll give you a story a story of intrigue, loyalty, greed and love. Do we have a deal?

"We do boss".
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