2048.4 Deep Fried Piranha Bites - Hey! Can you do me a Faber?

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2048.4 Deep Fried Piranha Bites - Hey! Can you do me a Faber?

Post by Bumstead » Fri Sep 10, 2021 11:04 am

In some mind blowing new, Tripoli signed Patrick "Do Me A" Faber to a minor league contract!

Faber, 27, is a catcher that most recently had a 5 year stint with the great Des Moines team of the BBA. He's coming off a season where someone agreed to let him accumulate 443 AB's while hitting .208 with an OPS of .626 (which is above his career average BTW). He did accumulate 14 Homers and controlled the strike zone reasonably well. On top of all that, he had his 2nd highest WAR year at 0.4, which we can all agree was something to behold. All that said, Faber is a decent catcher (7 Ability) that bats equally horrible from both sides of the plate. He also conducts seminars in the off-season on the art of setting up the 'ole "Hot Foot" prank.

There was a plan with this signing. The objective is to send Faber to AAA to get let his bat "heat up," and then bring him up. At that point we can send down Bailey Nunn and let him do some more "developing" at AAA. If this plan doesn't come together in the next 2-4 weeks, then off with his head!

Piranha Nuggets:

- Bob Williams got his first hit of the season this week. Yes, we were surprised as well

- Justin Jackson is on pace for 62 HR's this season. I'm not sure that would be outrageous, but I would be surprised if he hits more than 53.

- The Piranhas Starting Pitchers have 7 Quality Starts in 26 games and 3 of them belong to Jayden Nicholls, our #5 starter. He's coming around...maybe...

As an aside, I had photos (gifs/memes) to go with some of the stuff (Like Mind=Blown and an actual "hot" foot about to happen). I will figure it out.

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