Piranha Bites: 45.05 - Mayfield Fired, Stinson Hired, Fans are Ired

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Piranha Bites: 45.05 - Mayfield Fired, Stinson Hired, Fans are Ired

Post by tylertoo » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:00 pm

Tripoli -- Luke Mayfield, the pugnacious and profane manager of the Piranhas, was unceremoniously shown the door after the team's latest skid amid the continuing wreckage of the 2045 season.

Mayfield is the latest and most prominent scapegoat as the front office continues to mangle the once-hopeful season of the Tripoli squad (the pitching coach was fired last month). At the time of Mayfield's ouster, the team had a 44-71 record, a full 30 games behind the division leading Impalers. Expected the contend for the Bancroft Division wildcard, the team instead is mired in last place, with the second worst record in the league.

Mayfield (left in the photo) refused requests for comment, but a source tells us that he is glad to be out. "The owner and GM couldn't find their way to second base if they tried. Good riddance to the place."

A day later brought the arrival of the team's new leader, 59-year old Brooklyn native Randy Stinson (on right), lured to the shores of Tripoli with a whopping 3-year contract at $584,000 per year. Stinson most recently managed the Yinchuan Drillers, the rookie league club of the division rival Mumbai Metro Stars.

"I don't think this team's records is in any way indicative of the talent on this squad," said Stinson, as reporters in the clubhouse tittered. "The remainder of the season will be devoted to evaluating that talent with a view to how we rebound next season."

We obtained the team's evaluation of the new manager, Stinson.
GM Mike Dunn, who assumed control of the club midway through the '44 season, reportedly clashed often with Mayfield, and as the season wore on, tension between the two escalated, and any semblance of a working relationship evaporated. "I wish Luke the best," said Dunn in the usual tepid non-statement. "This change was necessary to put the team in the best position to win going forward. Our fans deserve no less."

Fans, though, were irate. They loved Mayfield for his willingness to criticize his own players and stand up to umpires. He was also known for his post-game interviews, in which he often veered to non-sequiters and profanity-laced tirades. "I'm going to miss those," said one season ticket holder, "No reason to go to the ballpark now. Others on social media are already labeling Stinson as "Randy Stuffed-Shirt."

Stinson is 2-3 in his first five games as manager.
Mike Dunn
GM, Tripoli Piranhas (2044- )
(formerly Libyan Generals)
Division Wildcard '44

GM, Chicago Black Sox (1995-1996)
Landis Champion: '95, '96

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Re: Piranha Bites: 45.05 - Mayfield Fired, Stinson Hired, Fans are Ired

Post by allenciox » Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:10 am

This is great... I love the "team analysis" of the new manager. Hope it's not out of the frying pan and into the fryer. You all deserve better than you have gotten.

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Re: Piranha Bites: 45.05 - Mayfield Fired, Stinson Hired, Fans are Ired

Post by RichY » Tue Jan 12, 2021 7:12 pm

Never go full Steinbrenner.. or maybe do. I can appreciate a good profanity laced post game tirade but sounds like a good move.
The fundamental question is, will I be as effective as a boss like my predecessors were? And I will be, even more so? But until I am, it's going to be hard to verify that I think I'll be more effective.
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