7 Hitters Over 70 That Could Still Play

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7 Hitters Over 70 That Could Still Play

Post by indiansfan » Sun May 24, 2020 1:25 pm

7 Hitters Over 70 That Could Still Play

I thought this would be a fun thing to look at in our 70th year. I was amazed at how many players still had rating that would land them a job in the BBA. Some of these guys could still start. Here are the top 7 in no particular order

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72 year old SS 50 Act, 50 Pot Dan Wachowski - The “Little Dude” looks like he could play better today then when he was in the game. Who would turn down his 9 contact? He is more than twice as old as he was when he retired and a 9 contact at 3B with a 6 fielding rating would be a guy that makes the starting lineup in half the league. He was only a .308 hitter during his career at Valencia and Birmingham and only had 1 standout season in his 9 year career.


74 year old RF 65 Act, 65 Pot Mike Clarke - The first of our Hall of Famers, Clarke’s 7 contact, 6 Power, 10 Eye would put him in the starting lineup for most teams. He looks like he could come close to his career .420 OBA even now. His 5 in right field isn’t ideal, but still playable with that bat. Clarke played with Brooklyn, Baltimore and Washington during his career and was voted into the HOF in 2012. His career AVG was .332 and who wouldn’t want his .930 OPS. For you WAR counters out there he had 84.3.

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72 year old C 60 Act, 60 Pot Thomas Eng - It is doubtful that anyone remembers Eng, who broke into the league in 1990. His brief 5 year career with Louisville included only 2 starting seasons. I’m not sure what brought his career to an end at the age of 25, but it wasn’t lack of talent for the career .303 hitter. Today in his golden years he still has a 7 contact and is a 5 defensively which would win my starting catching spot. It would also be fun to watch this old guy run the bases with his 8 speed, 8 stealing and 9 base running.


74 year old SS 55 Act, 55 Pot Rafael Rodriguez - Time for one of the greatest hitters of all time. Rodriguez still boasts a 7 contact, 6 power and 10 eye, which would make him a formidable hitter today. Voted into the HOF in 2013, Rodriguez played until he was 42. He finished with 3502 hits, 124.9 WAR and 11 All Star games. His career line was .322 AVG, .417 OBA, .924 OPS, not bad for a shortstop. While he had a +79 ZR during his playing days, which were mostly with Des Moines, he would have to play 1B today where his 7 would work out alright.


70 year old 3B 75 Act, 75 Pot Dwayne Johnson - We need to add some power to our list so Johnson gets the nod with his 6 contact, 8 power and 8 eye. With the minimum age to make our list, Johnson should still be able to play 1B or 3B. Elected to the HOF in 2016, Johnson played with Atlantic City, Seattle, Carolina and Hawaii. He finished with 2528 hits and 498 HR, which are Terry Cochran numbers if we are comparing.

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80 year old SS 65 Act, 65 Pot Jack Dark - We need to get some of the pioneers of the BBA on our list so we will add Dark who still has a 7 contact, 7 power and 6 eye. He would be a Zimmer contender at 1B, but could still play at SS or 3B. Dark broke in with Vancouver in 1984 and retired with Birmingham after the 2000 season. An above average player, Dark was never a star. He finished his career with 2210 hits and 333, decent numbers for a shortstop.


86 year old LF 20 Act, 20 Pot Steve CollinsSteve Collins - Our last spot goes to one of the greatest to ever play. Collins, with his 3 contact, won’t be able to match his career .361 AVG or .940 OPS, but his 9 defense in left field would still get the job done and his 7 speed and stealing would make the 85 year old one of the fastest geriatrics out there. For the numbers folks, 3529 hits, 1053 stolen bases and 116 WAR. He would wear his old Brooklyn uniform out of respect for the team he spent the most time with.

Honorable Mentions

79 year old LF 50 Act, 50 Pot Kal Daniels 7 contact, 6 Power - Didn’t break in until he was 29, but had a couple good years in Louisville.

77 year old 2B 50 Act, 50 Pot Erik Bjornstad 7 contact, 5 power,10 avoid K’s - Looks like he was a utility player with a forgettable career.

86 year old LF 40 Act, 40 Pot Jake Pease 7 contact. 9 in left field - This Louisville guy was a solid starter for 13 years and could still get the job done today.

75 year old LF 65 Act, 65 Pot Dan Manville 5 contact 9 power - I like power so Manville almost made the list. Lengthy but not spectacular career.

71 year old C 40 Act, 40 Pot Mike Ricci 12 defense catcher - This Chicago catcher is the guy Edmonton has been looking for. Try stealing on his 11 arm.

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Re: 7 Hitters Over 70 That Could Still Play

Post by GoldenOne » Sun May 24, 2020 1:27 pm

They could all come back and still kick Charlotte's ass..... Sad!
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Re: 7 Hitters Over 70 That Could Still Play

Post by RonCo » Sun May 24, 2020 1:35 pm

Outstanding in every way.
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Re: 7 Hitters Over 70 That Could Still Play

Post by 7teen » Sun May 24, 2020 2:37 pm

All could probably start in Portland. Except for maybe Collins.
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Re: 7 Hitters Over 70 That Could Still Play

Post by CTBrewCrew » Sun May 24, 2020 7:20 pm

Sounds like this guys team...


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