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The Dredge Report | 43.07 | Bullying Bahrain

Post by Dington » Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:10 pm

Bullying Bahrain

July 21, 2043
by Anonymous
Location Unknown

Jubilation is flowing heavily in Kuwait City, as the Alhafr have taken over first place in the BURT and currently have the most wins in UMEBA. The team has been playing on all cylinders with a crucial stretch of 24 games in which they came out victorious 22 times. Even the outspoken owner, Domingo Rivera, is elated with the recent performances.

“Oh my goodness. I couldn’t be happier. We came for first place like a freight train and scared those cowards away from the top. We even shut up those clams in Manama and forced their GM out of the league,” said Rivera during a maniacal tirade.

Rivera has had a long history with he front office in Manama and it up to interpretation whether or not the Pearls former GM, Dillon Lowery, was seeking a promotion to the BBA or if he was forced out of UMEBA for safety reasons. It is also unclear if the woman seen entering the plane with Lowery was the former floozy league secretary who had links to Manama owner, Lyle Cunningham, and Athens owner, Niko Papadakis, although civilians throughout the airport noted similarities. Either way, Lowery will be counting his blessings on getting out of the corrupt UMEBA alive.

Alhafr GM, Chad Nason, wanted to create a stranglehold atop the BURT and helped do so by signing free agent catcher, Dan Clapper, to replace the weakest part of the Alhafr lineup. Clapper is nearly a decade younger than current backstop, Sean Smith, whose contract expires at the end of the season. Clapper offers a similar defensive prowess behind the plate, but has a much better ability to get on base and hit for power than his aging counterpart. Nason secured Clapper’s services for the next three years and hopes he can be a consistent sign caller for Kuwait City’s improving pitching staff.

Newly acquired catcher, Dan Clapper

Kuwait City finish this month with matchups against the BANC, most of which are on the road. Unless there is a long slump, Kuwait City’s first place should be safe for the time being.
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