We Got Wood - 40.58 - The Final Trade With Boise

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We Got Wood - 40.58 - The Final Trade With Boise

Post by 7teen » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:45 pm

The final trade in the series of pre-opening day/post-expansion draft trades was a deal struck with Boise after the calendar turned to the new year. And in all liklihood, its the most minor and least impactful of all the deals. It was also the one with the fewest pieces being moved.

The Trade
To BoisePositionLevelWAR
Celio MarinSPBBA2.6
To PortlandPositionLevelWAR
Flynn BernardRPAA/AAA2.2/-0.2
Bartolo MorinPAA/AAA0.8/0.1
The Marin for Morin trade as it became slightly known as, didn't pan out all that well. Marin did produce a solid 2.6 WAR for Boise and at $8 million per season is probably not a bad number for a starting pitcher, a position of need. Morin made 26 starts over two levels and had some success in AA before bombing at AAA. The 21 year old has control issues that will likely limit his ability to be an effective pitcher at any point in his career.

There is some hope for Flynn Bernard who was torching the AA level before a poor AAA run after the minor league all-star break. Bernard as an All-Star in AA but didn't have the same results in AAA. The 21 year old throws hard and still has a little room to improve so it isn't out of the realm of possibility he could have a career as a low innings reliever or a lefty specialist.

Who Won the Trade
I'm going to give the early edge to Boise (leaning Push) only because having starting pitching is very important. But the edge is only slight when you look at how the trade benefits Portland. Marin was making $8 million and Portland needed to trim salary. Can either Morin or Bernard perform as professionals? Odds are not in their favor. Bernard is a potential 55 ranked player so the game sees some hopes for him. Portland needed cheap, young guys and both of these fit that bill. But the warts may be too much to overcome. In the grand scheme of the history of both franchises, I don't think either Boise or Portland are going to see this as a won or loss trade. If the trade is even remembered in a few seasons at all.
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