We Got Wood - 40.55 - Final Opening Day Trade with Brooklyn Recap

GM: Chris Wilson

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We Got Wood - 40.55 - Final Opening Day Trade with Brooklyn Recap

Post by 7teen » Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:45 pm

Portland made a quartet of trades on opening night following the draft. The final one with Brooklyn was another "pre-determined" trade in which the Robins had reached out to Lumberjacks GM Chris Wilson asking if the team could draft a couple of players in exchange for some younger pieces. Looking to acquire whatever they could, Portland obliged. The deal likely gave Portland a player that Wilson is the most excited about seeing in the Lumberjacks infancy stage as a franchise.

Portland agreed to draft Pat Allen and Andre Georges and flip them for younger pieces.

The Trade:
To BrooklynPositionLevelWAR
Andre GeorgesSPBBA1.3
Pat AllenOFBBA0.0
To PortlandPositionLevelWAR
Jorge LopezLF/CFAAA6.1
Teruo JoudaUTILAAA-1.0
Miguel CortezOFAA1.1
Pedro SilvaRPAA/AAA1.2/0.4
Jorge Lopez is the key piece that Portland is excited to see in a Lumberjacks uniform next season. His 6.1 WAR was the 3rd highest in AAA this season and led the RL side of the league. While a platoon option outfielder, Lopez projects to start in LF next season for the Lumberjacks against RHP. The combination of a solid bat against RHP and an above average glove makes him a solid choice and the Lumberjacks' best young player at the moment. The club would have called him up this season but he was just 19 and with no aspirations of making it to the post-season the franchise opted to give the youngster a full year in AAA where he thrived with intentions of letting 2041 be his rookie campaign.

As for the other pieces, Jouda is your prototypical light hitting utility guy. He played 7 different positions this season and while performing well with the glove, just couldn't hit. He could still be an option as a super utility guy in the near future if spots open up. Cortez had a solid season in AA but, like many propsects the Lumberjacks have at the moment, relied heavily on his defense. He can play all 3 OF positions extremely well. But can he hit to be a viable option in the BBA down the road? Silva pitched well in AA and over the short time he spent late in the year in Triple A. But considering he is maxed out, we don't see him doing much, if anything, in Portland.

Who won the trade:
Even though Portland could have used some starting pitching depth like Georges, I'm still giving Portland the early nod in this trade. Perhaps I'm overly excited over Lopez and he'll fizzle out. But with very few, if any, youngsters ready to make a mark on this team right now, he's our first bright spot. Jouda, despite his negative WAR this year, does have some ability to be a role guy for us early on as we build up draft picks. So considering we didn't lose much but gained a young bright spot and some role depth, I'm counting this one as a win for Portland.
Chris Wilson

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Re: We Got Wood - 40.55 - Final Opening Day Trade with Brooklyn Recap

Post by ae37jr » Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:28 pm

Lopez bumped a point of contact making this a lot worse of a trade then I had anticipated. Probably wouldn't have made it knowing what I know now. No regrets though. I was trading from a position of strength and was able to sign George to a pay cut extension. As long as I can slot him into his ideal swingman role he should be more productive.
Alan Ehlers
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