We Got Wood - 43.45 - House of Fiscus - Checking In From Quincy

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We Got Wood - 43.45 - House of Fiscus - Checking In From Quincy

Post by 7teen » Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:37 am

These TNs are told from the perspective of travelling moral supporter for the Portland Lumberjacks Kate Fiscus.....

The Motel 6 here in Quincy is an average place. I lie back in the bed and flip the TV on to see what set of re-runs I can divulge myself into. A shadowy figure closes the bathroom door to my left. I flip on the tv when the phone rings.

"How's he looking Kate. Kum that is?" It's Wilson on the other line. Annoyed he's even calling I answer rudely.

"Not good. He's angry. Pitching terribly" I respond.

"What do you mean? Haven't you gotten him straightened out yet?" Wilson asks back.

"Last few starts he's not even made it to the 6th inning. Has a lot of strikeouts but just average starts. I caught up with bin-Bahir after the game the other night. Says Kum just doesn't want to be here and refuses to pitch through any adversity." I respond.

"Look Kate, he's our next guy in line if something happens to someone up here. I need him to be ready if hes' called back up and not a disgrunted mess. Get him better" Wilson retorts. More annoyed, I answer: "There isn't anything I can do for that guy. Have you seen his sideburns? Kid looks like a deuche bag. Look, if you have to call him up I'm sure he'll respond. I'll do what I can to keep the other guys around here upbeat if he causes trouble."

"Kate, I need you on this. You better make sure things stay ok down there. We have high standards in Quincy and they're just at .500 right now."

"They're fine" I answer back annoyed the conversation has gone on this long. "Look, is there anywhere else you need me? Anything else you need from me right now?"

"Actually there are two things" Chris answers back. I don't move much, perk up a little hoping it's something good my way. "First is I got this strange call from Doug Olmstead the other day asking about a possible trade with some McVurie kid. It was odd. He's never called out of the blu like that asking about a trade. I've never heard of the McVurie kid. He was their 2nd round pick is about all I know. You think you can have that kid in shape to pitch for us at any point?" I slide up in the bed a little now. Wilson finally talking my language.

"Actually I do know some about him. Good looking kid. Out of San Diego. Surfer kid. Lot of confidence. I think I can do some work with him for sure. Might be worth a minor trade if they're willing" I respond. The phone goes a little silent for a moment and Wilson responds, "OK, maybe I'll look into it a little more. You've done well with our minor league guys over the last few years so you seem to know your stuff there. Heck, Franco and Kelly are looking terrific up here. You did good work with them!"

"Thanks, they're talented kids for sure" I respond back. "So what's the other thing you need."

"Oh yeah, just a minor thing. We're calling the Pinkerton kid up from Double-A to Triple-A. We may be looking at using him in 2044 so you may be spending a lot of time with him. He should be arriving any time out in Quincy so make sure he's ready. He'll pitch in two days. Give Kum his next start and then Pinkerton goes next. Sound ok."

"Yeah, I got it. Good-bye"

Finally some solid news. Wilson interested in the 6-fingered kid at least. The bathroom door opens and the shadowy figure stops by the sink. Rinses out with a little mouthwash and walks towards the bed.

"You ready for round 2" I ask? "But save some energy, you're pitching tomorrow" I tell the Cannibal.
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