We Got Wood - 41.18 - The One Where Silence is Bliss

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We Got Wood - 41.18 - The One Where Silence is Bliss

Post by 7teen » Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:15 am

It's been very quiet in and around Portland these days. Ever since The Dinner and the curious re-appearing of Dan Fiscus, new out of Portland has been scarce. Perhaps, that's a good thing. Because in case you haven't noticed, Portland has played some decent baseball of late.

Defining decent may be the question mark of that statement. What exactly is "decent baseball". Well, for the expansion Lumberjacks that would include a winning percentage of .416 on the season which would mean 67 wins on the season. That would mean not losing 100 games on the year. This total was helped in large part thanks to a winning June where the team went 15-13 overall and a span of 2-months where Portland is playing even .500 baseball (27-27 in May and June).

You can also define "decent baseball" in Portland terms when you look at their standing in the Frick League Pacific and throughout the rest of the BBA. For the first time since the franchise's inception last season, the Lumberjacks are NOT in last place. The team currently stands 2.5 games ahead of San Fernando in the FL Pacific standings as the Bears are currently in last place. Also, at 37-52, the Lumberjacks are clearly better than Omaha in the Frick (we are also 6-0 on the season against the Hawks) and have a better record than three teams in the Johnson League and have an identical win total with 2 others.

"Perhaps we're just trying to stay quiet and focus on baseball matters after the whole 'Pig-Shit' gate debacle" commented Wilson to the media this week. "Or perhaps, we're just really busy in Portland working on our 'Master Plan' and putting that into full motion. Clearly all of those other squads that tried to copy our mindset are failing with their implementation but we're holding strong with what we want to do in Portland and it is starting to pay dividends. So perhaps less news out of Portland is part of new addition to the 'Master Plan'".

Whatever the reasoning is, things are definitely quieter in Portland these days but things are also more successful. So perhaps silence is the key to success...

*In all honesty, between doing High School radio broadcasts every Tuesday and Friday night, having baseball cage time with my oldest son on M, W, and TH, taking my younger two sons to their basketball practices on random nights, travelling for 4-6 basketball games every Saturday, and starting my middle son's travel baseball team back up, I'm lucky to even manage my exports let alone type out a TN. I typed this one out while feeling guilty over not working on my school's yearbook, which I am also the editor for.... shew!!!
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Re: We Got Wood - 41.18 - The One Where Silence is Bliss

Post by shoeless.db » Tue Feb 04, 2020 11:40 am


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Re: We Got Wood - 41.18 - The One Where Silence is Bliss

Post by HoosierVic » Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:22 pm

Life happens. But things are always a little better when there’s news out of Portland ...

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