We Got Wood - 41.14 - The One About After Dinner

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We Got Wood - 41.14 - The One About After Dinner

Post by 7teen » Thu Jan 02, 2020 5:50 pm

Following their dinner, Kate and Heidi continued to drink from inside the restaurant. The conversation quickly went away from baseball as cabernet and IPA's flowed rapidly between both, Heidi trying to remain elegant and somewhat cunning with the wine choice while Kate remaining true to her beer drinking self, not caring much about what others thought of her. Minutes, maybe hours, passed before the two finally looked at one another. Kate looked at Heidi, "Let's get out of here. What do you say?"

The checks came for the duo. Heidi reached out, grabbed both. "I got this babe. Us baseball girls gotta stick together." Kate, startled, settled back into her seat. Unsure of what to think of this gesture, she shrugged it off. Besides, Kate wasn't unfamiliar with having her check picked up by her 'date' of the evening. She wasn't even unfamiliar with what it may cost her at night's end. Kate's drunken mind, somewhat of a blur at this point following the drinks, began wondering if tonight would end with a similar result.

Heidi signed the bill and stood up, straightened her tan pants again and swept some of the remaining crumbs from the bread she had eaten from earlier in the evening. She pulled down her sweater, to again, appear put together and elegant. Though she felt neither as the multiple cabernets hit her hard as she stood up. She reached over with her left hand, grabbing the top of the chair in which she had set to regain her balance. Kate, ignoring the fact her shirt was still pulled tightly to her chest, top button clinging for dear life to hold everything from within enclosed, grabbed the right arm of Heidi.

"You alright sweetie?" asked Kate to Heidi. "You better watch yourself. Those drinks will hit you fast and hard if you aren't ready. How about I get us an Uber. You can hang out at my place until you're up for heading back to the airport in the morning for your flight back to Yellow Springs."

Heidi, still somewhat off kilter obliged. The two continued talking random topics. On the Uber ride, the two continued talking, mostly random things but occasionally baseball would come up. Big league stuff some, but mainly girl talk. "Best looking player you've seen naked" asked Heidi laughing as she asked. She was sort of unsure what had come over herself in the last hour. "Oh girl, that list is way to long" responded Kate. "Ugliest though, that one's easy. Zack Bauer."

The two arrived back to Kate's loft in Portland. The two laughed and stumbled their way to Kate's 6th floor apartment.

"Another drink?" asked Kate to Heidi.

"Sure, what do you have?" Responded Heidi.

"Whatever you want sweetie, I have a lot". The sound of a cork opening a bottle fills the open concept loft followed by the sound of liquid filling glass. Kate walks back into the living area where Heidi has seated. As she tries to hand her a glass filled with a reddish/purple liquid, Kate stumbles over the rug, dousing Heidi with the cheap wine she had poured.

"Oh word sweetie, I'm so sorry. That damn rug gets me all the time. Here, let me help you out of that."

The two give each other that look. The look you know something is about to go down. Just as Heidi removes one arm from her sweater, a knock comes from the door. Kate, started, heads over and looks through the peep hole. She opens the door, stunned.

"Chris? What are you doing here?"

"Something told me I needed to stop by tonight" Chris responds as he walks on into the loft. Not waiting for an invitation in. "I see we're having some drinks tonight. Heidi, nice to finally meet you."

Heidi looks up, stunned. Kate glances over at Heidi and shrugs with a deep glance implying she had no idea why Chris was here.

"Let me just get right to the chase" Chris begins again. "I had my reservations when I brought you back Kate. I knew it would lead to some dicey situations. This pig shit mess you've gotten yourself into, you better get yourself out of. Clearly I was not kept in the loop. So if this falls onto me or in anyway gets back to Wallace, you'll be fired and out of baseball for good. You got me?"

Kate and Heidi, both taken aback slightly by the assertiveness of Chris's tone just stayed quiet and nodded. "Clean it up!" Chris stated one final time as he opened a canned IPA from the refrigerator and walked back towards the exit of the loft. "Don't stay up to late, ladies."

Chris got back to the door. Just before the door closed, Chris heard a quieter voice from behind "Chris,wait a second" the voice of Kate spoke quietly.

"Yes?" Chris responded back with a stern look as he took a gulp from the IPA.

"How did you even know Heidi and I were together tonight? How did you even know we talked about this?"

"Kate, as I said, I wasn't sure I could trust you. I know you're someone who can get all the dirt I need and still think you're my lady. That doesn't change the fact I can't fully trust you. I've had you followed since I brought you back on."

Just as Chris finishes the statement, a dark shadowy figure emerges from down the hall way around the corner. The shady lightning made it hard to tell who the figure was at first. All that was apparent was the individual walked slowly and the left arm swaying as they walked. As the figure approached, it was obvious the right arm was in a sling. As the individual got closer, a gasp echoed from the doorway.

Kate muttered..... "Dan?"
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Re: We Got Wood - 41.14 - The One About After Dinner

Post by jleddy » Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:39 pm


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Re: We Got Wood - 41.14 - The One About After Dinner

Post by HoosierVic » Fri Jan 03, 2020 10:27 am

For a minute there, I thought we were headed for an "R" rating ... this saga has more twists and turns than a soap opera. Days of Our League?

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Re: We Got Wood - 41.14 - The One About After Dinner

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