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C-Notes 2044.10 - No-Name Cougars

Post by GoldenOne » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:13 pm

In an odd press release at 1am following their August 3rd win over Wichita, the Charlotte Cougars have announced they will no longer be putting player names on the backs of their uniforms for the rest of the 2044 season. In a desperate attempt to get some sort of comment from the club, the Charlotte Observer was able to catch up with clubhouse attendant, Francis "Dont Touch My Stuff" Soyer III, to get some sort of insight.

"Look, "Big Toe" Hulka is getting old. He's been having trouble keeping up with all the changes this season. All I know is, GM Golden came down to the Clubhouse in the middle of the game, talked to Big Toe for about five minutes, and then both left together talking about going to grab a beer."

The Observer may look into doing more analysis later on, but for now, a quick scan of the Charlotte personnel from this season show that the Cougars have had 24 offensive players (plus Ignacio Venegas, who went straight to the IL) and 19 pitchers put on the Charlotte pinstripes so far this season. And with the trade deadline still a few weeks away, chances are we'll see a few more names added to the list as well.
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