2045:08 Long-term contract signings!

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2045:08 Long-term contract signings!

Post by allenciox » Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:59 am

So... it now look time to wrap-up season. No longer much doubt that we win BANC regular season, so we make sure keep team intact for next few years.

Problem is that we look have low team salary this year and also next year, but whooo boy, in 2047, salary cap hit us big time. Reason be because many of best players were in 2044 draft but in 2047 they get projected big salary increases in arbitration. Solution? We sign them all to three-year contracts where money spread out more evenly across next three years.

Here are deals made in order we make them:
First we sign Ajanidha Praveen to $2.64 million over next three years. His result this year? 3.34 ERA, 3.33 FIP, 13-6 W/L record, 4.01 WAR, and only .6 HR/9 innings.

Next up, we sign Neill Fenomore to $7.4 million over three years. This year he have 3.26 ERA, 3.27 FIP, 4.6 WAR.

Then, we sign one who projects best of lot: Owen Geddes to $9 million over three years. This year he have 2.51 ERA, with 2.75 FIP, 13-4 W/L record, 5.8 WAR.

Geddes leads UMEBA in ERA, FIP, WAR, WPA, and WHIP, and is third in strike outs. He get pitcher of year, I betcha. Fenomore have fourth best ERA, third-best FIP, third best WAR, and fourth-best strike outs. Praveen have sixth-best ERA, third-best FIP, and fourth-best WAR in all of UMEBA.

Finally, we solidify batting side of house by signing defensive phenom SS Rakim Stevenson (.291/.352/.733), +12.5 ZR, 2.9 WAR) to two year $6.2 million extension. He would have reach arbitration next year, we even results out over the two years.

So we no only have great year this year, we practically guarantee great year for next two years, as we balance out team salary.

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Re: 2045:08 Long-term contract signings!

Post by RichY » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:58 pm

Yeah makes perfect sense. I am looking ahead as well and should have some money coming off the books next year. That pitching staff of yours is tough, well done.
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