2042.6: It All Comes To This

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2042.6: It All Comes To This

Post by lordtoffee » Sun May 17, 2020 10:38 pm

Despite a valiant effort, it looks like the Hammers are going to need to win and rely on a little bit of help in order to make the playoffs. Despite playing above .500 ball, it looks like one or two games is going to haunt them if they don't win and have Athens lose to Kuwait. A slow start probably doomed the Hammers, but GM Ben Heuring should be able to stick around because this veteran team decided to fight until the bitter end, but one has to wonder if a dynastic team such as the Hammers is going to need some new blood in the offseason. That can wait until after they play Mumbai, though. After all, miracles can still happen, and the Hammers have proven that over the past few years with a pedigree of success that Athens is striving for. When asked about tomorrow, Heuring said "We just have to take care of our game, and we'll worry about Athens later. I've instructed the gameday ops people to not post the scores, and the players know that they have a job to do. All the pressure is on Athens right now."

In happier news, Heuring was quick to praise the Single A Tokyo Magic for winning their division in the Far East Baseball League. Heuring said "It's always good for our minor league teams to have success. I believe that having players experience winning in the minors is very useful, especially some of our younger guys in Tokyo. Pedro Monsalve really did a great job running the team, and although I look at player development slightly over winning, we all like to win." The star of the Magic this year has been CF Aurelio Duran. Duran was the batting champion in his division, and has shown a knack for getting on base and not striking out. He probably will get promoted to AA ball, were hopefully he can improve defensively and continue to excel against better competition.
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Re: 2042.6: It All Comes To This

Post by jleddy » Mon May 18, 2020 2:36 am

Good luck!
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Re: 2042.6: It All Comes To This

Post by Dington » Mon May 18, 2020 3:27 pm

Kuwait has been playing pretty well as of late, so hang in there.

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