2048 Metro Stars Insider: Celebrating the 3 peat, Spring Battles, and More

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2048 Metro Stars Insider: Celebrating the 3 peat, Spring Battles, and More

Post by DaveB » Sat Aug 28, 2021 8:43 am

The great city of Mumbai was able to celebrate an amazing feat when their Metro Stars won the 3rd straight Umeba team championship in a row in the 2047 season. The Metro Stars proved their team was good during the regular season when they won 100. The team improved both offensively and on the mound last year. What does 2048 hold?

The More Things Change:
One of the issues teams often face when they win championships is their players tend to get paid. The Mumbai Metro Stars are no different. As soon as the champagne dried and the players when off to their separate parts of the world, the worst part of being a GM came to a head. Deciding who to keep and who to let go. "We had a meeting during the BBA championship series to decide what to do. When we looked at the team we saw we were about 7 million over the cap and were expected to lose some a lot of good players. We had to choose which players we can afford to lose. Anytime you win a championship you hate to lose key players, this is the 3rd straight championship so it was really hard." said manager Gula Afiba. Management attempted to move 3B Sancho Castillo (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 16055.html), C Dan Clapper (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 32750.html), and OF Frank Mahaffey (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 31946.html). They couldn't find any takers so all 3 players were nontendered after the season. Some players were quoted off the record as being happy Mahaffey was leaving as he wasn't a favorite in the clubhouse. "That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. All 3 of those guys were key pieces of our championship run for 3 years" said Afiba. Other key players that left following the season via free agency were Pitcher of the Year Jose Lima (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 16420.html), MR Juan Nicto (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 25197.html), MR Jamie Torres (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 29180.html), and MR Peter Dickerson (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 32415.html).

With the cuts of Castillo, Mahaffey, and Clapper the team now only was able to get under the salary cap, but they were able to resign MR Alberto Ramirez (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... _4992.html) and Utility Man Juan Hernandez (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 42357.html). We were able to also add SP Quentin Mullins (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 41607.html) SP Thiongo Amir (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 44027.html), C Mario Rolo (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 41853.html), and 1B/DH Hugh Mangrouthormone (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 42753.html). Will these guys be able to replace what was lost? We'll know one the season starts. Sources inside the organization feel Hugh Mangrouthormone might be able to hit 50 homers if everything goes as planned. They feel Rolo will be a solid replacement for Clapper. They're hopeful Mullins will be able to provide solid innings in place of Lima. Lima by the way was seeking over 10 million to resign.

Spring Training Battles:

Since I took over as GM I haven't really been able to really put my stamp on the team because there wasn't really anything to do. I've focused on adding pitching to the team and it's been something that we've been able to do. This season is the first I feel that we'll start to be able to see some of my touches as GM on the team.

The spring battles are a plenty this year.

5th SP:
Thiongo Amir is expected to be in a battle with incumbent Stephen Clulow (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 35980.html) for the 5th starting pitcher. Amir seems to have the inside track as sources are saying Clulow has shown reduced velocity and RPM's with his fastball this spring.

Middle Reliever:
We lost 3 middle relievers this past off season. We're going to see Derry Vacher (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 59370.html), Juan DeJesus (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 50329.html), Alexis Bonin (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 57453.html), Hughie Dunstone (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 55188.html), and Blair Glallacher (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 59295.html) expected to battle for those 3 spots. I expect Bonin, Dunstone, and Gallacher to be the favorites to make the team, but there is a lot of baseball to play.

1st Base:
This position has been a thorn in our side since I took over. We're going to see Hugh Mangrouthormone battle Mario Guerrer (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 33987.html), and the DH the last 2 seasons Keiran Filby (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 50776.html). It's expected the loser of this battle will be the opening day DH. Also we might look into adding at this position.

Left Field:
Juan Hernandez is going to battling free agent signee Nick Sneddon (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 53301.html) for the starting left fielder role. Hernandez offers a very good defensive player if he wins, while Sneddon offers more pop and profiles to be more of a Frank Mahaffey type player.

Utility Roles:
Juan Hernandez would slide into the one of the utility roles if he loses the left field role this spring. Other battle for these likely roles are incumbent Augusto Lermo (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 40089.html) and Eric Bowness (https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 46090.html).

We're expecting some fun battles in the spring and it's going to make an exciting season.
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Re: 2048 Metro Stars Insider: Celebrating the 3 peat, Spring Battles, and More

Post by scottsdale_joe » Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:43 am

Good job.
You might want to format the players in your post like this: [url=http://stats . . ./. . . .html]Player Name[/url]
It will look better.

Good luck looking for the fourpeat
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Re: 2048 Metro Stars Insider: Celebrating the 3 peat, Spring Battles, and More

Post by recte44 » Sat Aug 28, 2021 10:06 pm

Playoff legend Dan Clapper not in Mumbai is going to be different.

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Re: 2048 Metro Stars Insider: Celebrating the 3 peat, Spring Battles, and More

Post by CTBrewCrew » Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:09 pm

…a four peat is not out of the question….

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