2045 Post 7 Mumbles and Grumbles

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2045 Post 7 Mumbles and Grumbles

Post by RichY » Tue Jan 12, 2021 5:54 am


The only Mumbai Metro Stars blog you need to read.
by Gustavo Pok

Hello friends and Stars fans. I am sorry that I have been away awhile but I have had a rough go of it recently. Firstly, at work I got my feet caught in one of those plastic bands that go around boxes, tripped, knocked over a stack of boxes which knocked over a water cooler which doused my boss from head to toe. I hurt my knee in the incident and got fired as well. Then I lost some money investing in what I thought was a crypto currency but turned out to be a scam. But my friends, at least we are watching (slightly) winning baseball.

I can't keep up with the roster changes so you will just have to tune in to see the lineup at this point. Reyes, Seekins and Castillo are the law firm (which I could use right now) sounding trio that are making their individual cases for Stars MVP. The pitching staff is feeding the infielders ground balls like someone casting food to goldfish and the bullpen has been solid. On the negative side the lineup has been top heavy and the Stars are hoping that recent additions Luis Gonzalez and just traded for Wes Savage can chip in. Some Mahaffey Bombs® would go a long way to helping out the offense as well. He appears to be healthy and maybe he's due for a hot streak?

There's 42 games left and plenty of work to do. The trade deadline is looming but I don't expect much more on that front although you never know. Roster expansion is also on the horizon and it would be fun to get a look at the youngsters who are really producing at AAA but the results of next 21 games will inform that decision.

UPCOMING – The rubber game against Beirut, then 3 game series against the Impalers and the Biting Fish, both series in Mumbai.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR ? - Outside of the law firm (see above), who can help the offense? Bancroft Player of the Week, Matthew Hewat has been great with the glove and he has posted an .851 OPS so far this month. If he can even be league average with the bat he will be a very valuable player. He's going to be fun to watch for the next few years.
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