2044/2 A Mumbai Moment - Power Outage?

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2044/2 A Mumbai Moment - Power Outage?

Post by nerfHerder » Sat Sep 26, 2020 3:17 pm

Is there a power outage in Mumbai? The example will beFrank Mahaffey. A mid-season pickup last season, Mahaffey got no respect in the rookie of the year (ok, he wasn't Really a rookie)voting. In 96 games he had 32 HR's in only 383 AB's. That's nutty. So what does the knucklehead GM do? He lets the hitting coach walk. In comes a power oriented coach in the name of Harun Al Rachid bin Abbas. So what happens? A slight drop off.

Mahaffey alone is slightly down. His slugging percentage is down from .611 to .492. His home run pace is slightly down. Batting average way down. Baden Goulding is another guy that is slightly down a few HR's. Other lower tier guys like Alonso Olvere and Ramon Vela are actually up on their pace. What does the coach say? "I think it's going to play out just fine", Abbas recently said when asked about the lack of power. "These guys are professionals. Mahaffey was hurt to start the year and is still getting his feet under him". When asked if he felt any pressure to get these guys going Abbas replied, "I'm not even going there. Why would you ask me that?" We'll watch it play out. Maybe the old guy hasn't found a job yet?
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