The Mumbaikar Vol 2 Ep 4 - Scandal? Manager Fired!

GM: Geoff Webb

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The Mumbaikar Vol 2 Ep 4 - Scandal? Manager Fired!

Post by FuzzyRawley » Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:16 pm

Big news out of India today. After a dismal 2-8 run in the last 10 games and a wholesale underperforming by the entire team, the Metro Stars have sacked Manager Barry Summers! While the official reason is the disappointing 39-43 record at the season halfway mark, rumour has it that there is a more scandalous reason for the firing.

Internet forums for the Metro Stars were ripe with speculation about the real reason Summers was let go. The biggest rumour and the one that seems to be gaining the most traction, is that Summers was spotted eating a 12 oz, blue rare, rib eye steak on his appartment balcony. Neighbours report smelling a barbeque and witnessing the Metro Stars manager savouring every bite. Needless to say, this did not go over well with the Metro Stars owners and majority of the population in this predominantly Hindu country where cows are sacred.

Pressed about the rumours at the weekly press conference, GM Geoff Webb stated "I won't be speaking anymore about Summers's dismissal. Needless to say, we take any rumours of eating tasty bovine products seriously. I just hope that if its true, Summers had enough sense to pair it with a nice Malbec as opposed to flavourless Coors Light he was known to favour."

Mumbai has not announced a replacement for Summers at this time.

In other news, GM Geoff Webb's patience with the entire team has come to a swift end. Relievers Sang-Mok O and Tim Oliver were optioned to AAA Lagos to try and find some semblance of consistency. O failed to find his groove after returning from injury posting a horrific ERA over 9 and a WAR in negative territory. Oliver, who the Metro Stars had hoped would solve their lefty RP issues from last season, struggled mightily with an 8.41 ERA and has also posted a WAR in negative territory.

The Metro Stars picked up Jose Rodriguez from the waiver wire from Manama. Jose has faced one batter since arriving in Mumbai and has not let in a run. This is an improvement for the Metro Stars already.

Looking forward, expect the Metro Stars to be sellers at the trade deadline. An infusion of fresh, young talent is the direction the club is looking to go.
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Re: The Mumbaikar Vol 2 Ep 4 - Scandal? Manager Fired!

Post by RonCo » Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:39 pm

He might have gotten away with it if it went for the A1 stains on his shirt.
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Re: The Mumbaikar Vol 2 Ep 4 - Scandal? Manager Fired!

Post by Fat Nige » Thu Feb 06, 2020 12:18 am

I for one won't be buying any old bones you're selling lol, I've got enough of my own. You might tempt one of the top two in each division to buy if you're selling a real difference maker but the trade market in UMEBA is really hard. Everyone's looking to get younger and with most players either being an end of season rental or a one year deal at best it's hard to get anyone to pony up their young prospects for that.
There just isn't enough teams at the moment in that climate to make a decent market, maybe UMEBA expansion will help broaden the market in future?
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Re: The Mumbaikar Vol 2 Ep 4 - Scandal? Manager Fired!

Post by shoeless.db » Sun Feb 23, 2020 1:33 pm

Just catching up on some good ole' fashion UMEBA reading. Always great to see Mumbai news... sorry I'm about a month late on the reply... Good work.
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Re: The Mumbaikar Vol 2 Ep 4 - Scandal? Manager Fired!

Post by HoosierVic » Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:37 pm

Good grief. How did I miss this? Scandal in my old stomping grounds! Of course, the real scandal is the Coors Lite ...

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