The Sweep. #10, #11, #12.

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The Sweep. #10, #11, #12.

Post by Clayman » Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:36 pm

The first sweep of the season came in the first home series of the season against the Jerusalem Hebrew Hammers, Jerusalem could have been forgiven for thinking they should not have been swept losing the first game by 3 and the second by the narrow margin of 1. However it's all in the detail.

#10 Beirut Cedars 9 v 6 Jerusalem Hebrew Hammers.

The first game was lost before it had really began, 1.1 innings to be exact when Jerusalem's starting pitcher Dean Rackham gave up 6 runs. Weaver Ripley and Jose Campos did the damage in the 1st, Ripley not only getting on base with a single but advancing a base from a stolen base and then getting across the plate from a Campos single.

The blowout came in the 2nd and was started with a Juan Rodriguez double, Rodriguez was joined on the bases with an Aurelio López single to put runners at the corners. 2 pitches to António Baca and all three players crossed the plate when Baca swung for the fences and it sailed into the bleachers. It wasn't the end of the scoring but it was nearing the end for Rackham, a solo home run from Rubem Bordonhos finished the scoring and a Wilton Rivera double followed by a Weaver Ripley single finished Rackham's day as Gilberto Romo replaced him.

Beirut stretched their lead with 1 run in the 3rd and 2 in the 5th, Jerusalem scored 1 in both the 7th and 8th but the damage had been done in the 5th.

#11 Beirut Cedars 10 v 9 Jerusalem Hebrew Hammers.

The 2nd game of the series was a near mirror image of the 1st, as in both games the teams matched each other for hits. In the 1st game both teams managed 15 hits, in the second it was 13 apiece. However the second game was decided in 2 halves, bottom of the 5th & 9th.

Going into the bottom of the 5th Jerusalem led 6-1, an Aurelio López double of Jerusalem starting pitcher Jose Villarreal followed by Weaver Ripley getting another double so when José Estrada came to bat runners were at 2nd & 3rd, at the end of his bat the score was 6-3 to Jerusalem. A Carlos Ricerdo double made it 6-4 as Estrada crossed the plate, yet another double this time by Wilton Rivera scored Ricerdo to make it 6-5 and end Villarreal's day as he was replaced by Norberto Martinez, he faired worse than Villarreal giving up a 2 run homer to António Baca to give Beirut a 7-6 lead.

Going into the 9th and Jerusalem had gained another lead this time they led 9-7, Robbie Cooke was the Hammers pitcher in the 9th. An Estrada double and a Rivera single brought Baca to the plate with the winning run in his bat, like the 5th he sent the ball into the bleachers this time a 3 run finger, this time a walk off home run for a 10-9 win.

#12 Beirut Cedars 5 v 1 Jerusalem Hebrew Hammers.

If the 1st & 2nd game's were all about the hitting and one or two big innings, the 3rd was about spreading the runs over multiple innings and pitching. The pitching of Charlie 'Spirit' Iron-Knife to be exact, in the first 3 innings Iron-Knife faced just the requested 3 hitters, in the next 3 innings he only faced 4 hitters. He faced 23 batters giving up just 5 hits and 1 run of a Adam Backhouse solo home run in a little over 7 innings for his second win of the season, this from a pitcher who was taken late in this year's free agency.
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