Cedar Chips 2043.1 - Why is there always a 1B/DH logjam

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Cedar Chips 2043.1 - Why is there always a 1B/DH logjam

Post by ca13 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:56 pm

Jorge Rodriguez is not happy. I should have expected this. When your boss signs two first basemen, it's difficult to miss the implications. Either Jose Estrada or Manuel Marino will be expected to DH. Add in the signing of Wilton Rivera and subsequent trade of Mauro Saucedo for cash and the trend becomes obvious.

My Cedars were an OBP machine during the second half of last season, but in the power happy UMEBA were a decidedly weak sibling. So in come Estrada, Marino, and Rivera. Rodriguez, as outstanding a hitter as he is, just doesn't seem to have a role, and he's smart enough to know it.

So there's the question. Do I trade him? The UMEBA is pretty small. Do I really want to send a career .400 OBP (.449 last season) hitter with speed to another team and potentially face him? Do I keep him as an expensive 3.9 million insurance policy? I have a good deal of positional versatility, but Jorge can only DH, and that basically means I can only use him if I lose a 1B or DH. I suppose it depends on the return.

Really it also depends on how much begin on the bench will piss him off. I like to think of myself as a decent human, but I'm also trying to win. This is a business after all. On the other hand, these guys are professionals and I respect their dedication to their craft. Horrendously under utilizing a talent seems so wrong. It's exponentially worse when that player is towards the end of a long, distinguished career. Ugh. Can the season just start? Thank goodness CSKA felt they could use Saucedo. That's at least one player I'm not treating horribly. Maybe I can find someone to kick the tires on the ol' Sheriff.

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