Growing old in Cairo (2041-29)

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Growing old in Cairo (2041-29)

Post by Fat Nige » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:35 am

Still nothing in the Wildcard Race

As we head towards the final full month of the 2041 UMEBA season there’s still no distance between the teams in the wildcard race, or at least the BURT Wildcard scrap. In the BANC race Mumbai are beginning to be distanced, it’s more likely that Jerusalem have a chance of finding the four wins currently needed to overtake Beirut. Meanwhile that towel can still be thrown over the three teams vying for the BURT Wildcard, Manama are in prime position with 58 wins but Cairo (56) & Baghdad (55) are still right in it. We have 37 games left of the season, a four or five game winning / losing streak by somebody could completely change the race.

After the pitching staff changes by Cairo there is, to be honest not that much change in the Chariot Archers form. At 11-10 on the month they still have though a chance to do well in the final six games of August and finish above .500 in a month for the first time in 2041. This will be the real test of the pitching changes, finish above .500 and it’s some sort of a success, finish below .500 for the fifth straight month and it hasn’t changed a thing. Manuel Soliz is a mediocre 2-3 in his five starts, but lefties Pedro Vazquez & Cisco Salinas have certainly solidified the back end of the rotation. Vazquez has a 2-1 record with five saves coupled though with a worrying 5.7 BB/9 while Salinas has two saves in 13 outings, opponents are getting on base at just a .186 clip with him on the mound and he has a 0.56 WHIP as well as a 5.3 K/BB ratio. Ramon Garza has a 1-1 record with one save in his 20 outings, but the signs of his previous failings are poking through, a 2.02 WHIP, 4.7 BB/9 and opponents getting on base at a .408 rate when he takes the mound.

Garcia is about to complete his third straight 30+ HR/100+ RBI season for Cairo

A rare bit of silverware came Cairo’s way in August when 34-yr-old first baseman Mauro Garcia picked up a BURT league player of the week award. Garcia has 32 homers so far in 2041, his third straight UMEBA 30+ homer season and needs two more RBI for his third straight 100 RBI season. He has also amassed 11.5 WAR over that time period. Carlos Sandoval hasn’t had many AB’s yet after his promotion but has 5 hits from 17 AB. Coming up for roster expansion at the moment is just one batter, 20-yr-old Anastasio Correa is making the step up from Double-A. The thinking there was as he already has a major league contract we might as well give him the opportunity to get a few AB’s in for his money. He will get a few appearances in right field but given his fielding is not very good currently, a few more at DH. Cairo’s speedsters seem reluctant to run this year despite being given the green light by the management. Bob Hernandez with 15 steals is the Chariot Archers swag leader and indeed the only player with double-digit steals, the second highest total of steals is nine by Nathan Naylor
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