Growing old in Cairo (2041-26)

Contracted after 2043 season
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Growing old in Cairo (2041-26)

Post by Fat Nige » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:27 am

Montevideo having a successful inaugural season so far

When we put together an AA roster for the first time we weren’t sure what we were getting, as the majority of players were minor league free agent pickups, and we weren’t sure how the other UMEBA franchises would view the needs of the league. As we stand now, we have 11 players on the 30-man roster below 24-yrs-old with the rest being 24 or 25-yrs -old, this fits in more or less with the rest of the teams in the SABL. A few teams have a slightly higher age profile at the top end of their rosters but we’re happy that our players aren’t likely to be overmatched on a regular basis.

That said we’re looking for more development from the free agents we picked up. 24-yr-old Fernando Salcedo and 25-yr-old Lorenzo Sanchez have shown some promise at the head of the rotation while 24-yr-old Marcus Hodgson and 24-yr-old Vincente Guerra are developing in the outfield, but there’s plenty of holes in their game to fix yet. Most of the players will probably be here in 2042 too, past that though a few players may be heading back to free agency if they can’t show the potential to progress.

Another plus is the number of players that are now being promoted to Montevideo from Taipei. 21-yr-old Javier Cuellar hasn’t missed a beat in CF since being promoted and recent promoted 24-yr-old Jesus Martinez is hoping to do the same. 22-yr-old Jeff McClain is beginning to settle into the higher level, but really needs to improve his circle change if he wants to stay in the rotation. 18-yr-old Damon Urry, a 2040 second round draft pick, has shown some good development so far and seems to have found his current level. He still has plenty to come though and at 18, plenty of time for it to come out. 20-yr-old Anastasio Correa is showing some improvement in AA after three years in Taipei, his hitting is right where we expect it to be but we’re really looking for a fair bit of development in right field if he’s to remain there. It’s beginning to look as though his future’s as a DH.

The Leones record of 68-50 is nine behind the top two of Lima & Asuncion and four behind Santiago. Bogota are pushing us from behind, just one game back, the rest though are right out of it. Fourth is right where we are happy to be this season, but it would be pretty good if we could squeeze up to third. It’s alright though wherever we finish as long as we can get 4 – 6 players to a level where they can head for AAA
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