2037.02 - Willie's Voice to Text Diary

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2037.02 - Willie's Voice to Text Diary

Post by mikeb41 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:01 pm

Dar mama an friends back home. It's bee-yn but 28 days since ah gawt hair in manama.

oh by thuh way mama. Surprise, it ain't panama. It's like, ah don't know 20 sumthin' thousand miles away ovher nar where mister dubbya found 'em wmd's ah thihnk?

everhoo, this team is alraahyt ah suppohs. Ah kay-yun't really do much cuz well thuh manager is a real taahyt ass whe-yn it comes t' suggestions an really thuh roster is as daisy as it kay-yun git raahyt now.

ah'm hopin that after thuh season ah kay-yun really git maah meathooks duhrty. Or is it git maah meathooks wet? nuh-ah that don't soun' raahyt. Duhrty maah done wet meathooks?

well, wer in thuh puh-layoffs so that's really thuh bettermost pahrt awf bein' hair. We almost blew a 3 squat lead ta cauhro but we done managed ta win game 7.

so now we git a crack at thuh fuhrst omeba championship against bay root. We'll see how it goes, ah close-fisted thuh team haden bee-yn doin' so well since ah gawt hair - so ah'm not really expectin a daisy story t' sey-nd home t' ya all.

hope ya're watchin' back home. Wait. Ahr thayse games eve-yn awn tee-vee?

hey coby, ah'm awn thuh voaahce diary with maah moms. Ahr our games awn tee-vee back home?

mah, coby says our games aint awn tee-vee. So ifin' ya bee-yn watchin us, well. ya aint watchin us.

ah'll be seein ya. Willie out

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Re: 2037.02 - Willie's Voice to Text Diary

Post by ae37jr » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:21 pm

This actually looks exactly like my articles before I proof read them.
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Re: 2037.02 - Willie's Voice to Text Diary

Post by RonCo » Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:31 am

Looks like mine after I proof read them.
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