Baghdad Times - Thin-King Out Loud (3)

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Baghdad Times - Thin-King Out Loud (3)

Post by jgg614 » Thu Feb 18, 2021 4:05 pm

Spring is in the air and Baghdad has made some good changes to their team that GM Jose Gonzalez believes the team's record will reflect. Gonzalez said about the team, "We're putting together a group of good players. More importantly, we're putting together a group that should get along. Previous teams had individuals who put themselves above the team and caused dysfunction amongst the group. I think this year our players will be gruntled and whelmed which will translate into better play on the field."

Outside of the fact the GM thinks using words like gruntled and whelmed won't make people question his judgment (at least as it comes to his word usage), players like C Wyle Tupin, LF Jerry Bell, and (newly minted) 2B Fernando Rodríguez have come in alongside Manager Melvin Sims to take a team that was truly out-of-sync the last two season and bring a sense of leadership and positivity this team hasn't had.

Some players are still skeptical of Sims but it doesn't seem to phase him: "When change happens, some people get excited, some people get uncomfortable, and some people aren't affected one way or the other. My presence is a major change for this group so it's bound to ruffle a few feathers. One thing that always makes players more comfortable is winning and I'm up for the challenge."

"I like 'em well enough," says 2-time BURT All-Star 3B Joey Newhouse. "I may not be happy with the way we've played but it's a new season. We have a good a shot as anybody." Newhouse's name has come up in trade discussions the past couple of months and is arbitration-eligible at the end of the year. With injuries hampering some of his production, The Candian national hopes to stay healthy so he can continue his all-star ways.

Baghdad will have a tough time in the league with the likes of the newly added Riyadh Red Crescents, Jerusalem Hebrew Hammers (editors note: what a team name!), Manama Pearls, and Beruit Cedars, the latter two winning the BURT and Wild Card respectively. Coming off a dismal 63-99 season and now 4 years removed from making the playoffs, the Kings hope to return to glory in 2046.

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